Surgeon Performs Life-Saving Operation On Retired Obstetrician Who Delivered Him 45 Years Ago


They say the evil that men do live after, so also the good that men do lives on after they are gone, but in most cases, people get lucky enough to reap the fruit of their deeds. This can be said of a Retired Obstetrician who delivered a baby not knowing that the baby would be the one to save his life 45 years later.

HuffingtonPost reports

Dr. Jim Affleck, 83, of Sacramento, California, who spent decades as an obstetrician at Sutter Memorial Hospital, was told he needed an aortic valve replacement or he’d have just one to two years to live, reported. Heart surgeon Dr. Robert Kincade successfully performed the operation on Affleck in September.

After finding out that Affleck spent years delivering babies at Memorial Hospital, Kincade, who was born there, did some investigating and found out that the retired obstetrician had delivered him 45 years ago, according the hospital’s press release.

“It’s amazing to be able to offer this to people,” Kincade told the Sacramento Bee of performing the operation on Affleck. “And it’s great to help [Affleck] out, because he really helped me out 45 years ago.” Kincade had learned about Affleck’s history at the hospital during a meeting the two had before the operation, so the heart surgeon got curious.”I asked my mom and she said his name, so I knew it was him,” Kincade told He later dug up his birth certificate to find Affleck’s name signed at the bottom.

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