Tambuwal Drives To National Assembly Without Security Details

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal Tuesday drove himself to the National Assembly without his security details following the withdrawal of same by the Police.

The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Suleiman Abba, had last week ordered that the policemen attached to the office of the Speaker be withdrawn.

According to a statement issued by the Force spokesman, Mr Emmanuel Ojukwu, the action was due to Tambuwal’s defection from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Tambuwal did not have his security details, but he was accompanied by APC lawmakers who shielded him all through his stay.


According to reports, the Speaker was said to be at NASS to declare open two public hearings slated for 11am and 12noon respectively. One of the public hearing was jointly organised by the House Committees on Public Account and Justice, on a bill to repeal the nation’s Audit Act of 1956 urged financial experts to support an audit act, to facilitate international best practices and assist to eliminate corruption from the financial system.

Tambuwal, while speaking at the hearing noted that Nigeria must align with modern trend in digital auditing.

According to him, the extant Audit Act of about 60 years ago did not give the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation the required instrument to fight corruption.

He however said that the new act, when passed into law, would create Audit Service Commission that would enable Office of the Auditor General of the Federation to restructure auditing practice in the country.

Meanwhile, several groups and individuals have condemned the withdrawal of the speaker’s security details, saying it was against the law.

While the controversy about the speaker’s defection continues, the House of Representatives will not reconvene until December 3, and if there will be a vote as regards a possible removal, it will not happen until then.


  1. That is what you think. Tambuwal can’t just lock up the House and take away the keys as if it is his own private property. Sooner or later, his devious schemes like an IED, will explode in his face with devastating consequences.

  2. @Pato why say so? Were d police men attached to him bcus of PDP? D security were attached bcus he is d speaker and num four man of dis country Nig and he remains until he resigns not even as a speaker but also as a lawmaker.are securities not attached to ordinary lawmakers??? Why mst dey do dat?? No section of d constitution said he can not deflect to anoda party if u have one read it.in as far as sokoto pdp are not in good standing he can deflect.mst every one b wit our self centered president???? Its nonsense.

  3. D house was not lucked up my him but on dat day D majority leader of d house moved for re sense and his deputy seconded both are PDP. When a motion is moved and seconded wat next???? Fine details bfor u kill a man… Its time we knw dat PDP has not done any good for dis country. Just get it clear

  4. Prof JJ, you are only talking logic. But nothing will ever cover the truth. The leadership of the house agreed on the december date at an earlier meeting. Then, as soon as the motion for adjournment was passed, Tambuwal announced his defection. Who is fooling who? Let me tell you, we all know what the constitution says concerning Tambuwals issue. But we all also know about the doctrine of necessity, which the Presidency used in withdrawing his security.
    Tambuwal became a speaker ONLY because he was a member of PDP. Transfering that honour to APC is unmerited favour, Totally wrong. APC cannot preach morality to us again. Call a spade a spade

  5. It is unlawful withdraw security from the speaker. There is no part of the constitution that says the speaker most come from the ruling party. Life is about Choices,that is his decision and must be respected.

  6. God has seen u guys(FIFA). This is partiality and a total discouragement MIKEL who has made us proud. Oga YAYA never worth it and he knows it. God wil punish FIFA officials for this degrading act.

    Guys, section 68(1g) of 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended explains it all. According to this section, the speaker who was sponsored into office by the ruling party has no right to defect to the opposition before the end of his tenure. It further states that if he does this, that he should vacate the office for another person, not even through impeachment. He adjourned plenary to December 3, just to frustrate any plan to remove him though PDP lacks the 2/3 majority(240) needed to impeach him. But court injunction can remove him. Concerning the security stuff, the action of the president through the doro Ag IG withdrawing security details of the speaker is unconstitutional bcos the security details are for the office and not for the party. . . .ONE MAN SQUAD


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