The 50 Sins Of Jonathan: Lawmakers Set To Work Together For The President’s Impeachment

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Lawmakers spearheading the planned impeachment of President Goodluck Jonathan have identified 50 constitutional violations by the president, for which he should be removed. According to Vanguard, the violations will form part of the impeachment notice.

More than 120 lawmakers have been reported to have appended their signatures for the impeachment of the president, with most of them being members of the House of Representatives. Indications have now emerged that a significant number of members of the Senate are now on the same page with the lower house on the impeachment issue.

Vanguard quoted a top officer in the House as saying that both chambers have resolved to work together on the President’s impeachment over “incompetence, corruption and unprecedented impunity.” The planned removal of the president, according to him, was to serve the common good of the country.

Speaking further, the lawmaker told Vanguard that the impeachment plot has nothing to do with any party, saying lawmakers from all the political parties represented on the National Assembly have identified with the cause.

“I’m sure you read the reports today that senators are going to move against Jonathan. Now you can confirm that the impeachment thing is not about APC. It is a non-partisan cause. We have all resolved that the man (President Jonathan) must go.

“Never in the history of Nigeria has a leader displayed such crass incompetence as we have seen in President Jonathan. It is glaring and you can feel it. Mr. President, with due respect, has shown that he is not capable of running this country. That is the basic truth,” he stated.

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  1. Ok oya commence let us see your outcome .the programme shall reach you sir all of you will account for how you spend your constituent allowance we shall ask questions publicly.It is a good programme o whose nobody ever know what will be the outcome

  2. Anything 4 dsake of good governance and accountability is welcome as long as Nigeria will be on d right direction.
    We need selfless leaders bot selfish leaders who r bias, sentimental and divudung d country along religious line.
    We need Nigeria of Sir, ahmadu bello, Awolowo, nd Azikwe. Who sacrifice their present for our future.

  3. You are talking through the seat of your pants. Which of you in that acursed parliament is better. Pot calling kettle black. Try that impeachment nonsense and see whether you will survive it. You people are a burden on Nigerians. We are sick and tired of you thieves.

  4. Almighty God,please forgive your children,i do not think they know what they are doing.The house are been controlled by boko haram,they have tried violence it doesn’t work,now they want to try impeachment threat.Just like the same old saying,once they realize that hating isn’t working,they start telling lies.They will not succeed.

  5. bravo Parliament, go ahead and do the right act for good governance, however, it should be for the betterment of the citizens not for your selfish interest, your success depend on your intention. May God guide us all through.

  6. The lawmakers are trying to run away beyond their shadow of which it is very very impossible. This is the first time somebody from the Niger Delta to become a president of this country and they are crying just because somebody from the Niger Delta is rulling them. Our president Jonathan will rull and rull and change the face of this our country, whether they like it or not, Jonathan will continue to take charge over them.

  7. W hv a president who doesn’t hv respect 4 law.. He watched d country turning down.. No ideas on hw 2 improvement on his succesors legacy.. He dispointed all citizens.. Which w all voted him wit d sentiment.. For d love of diz great country.. W better leave tribalism & ethnicity.. & face d real fact.. Base on d love 4 my country.. W need a leader who can turn d economy around in a good way.. No mater tribe or ethnic he belong 2.. Time of darkness is over.. W need light.. W need change.

  8. Nigerians will advocate for only one legislature ie (The Senate). This is part of the austerity measures to cushion the effects of crude oil in the international system where the prices of crude is gradually dwindling down. We will see were radicals like you will be in the political system in 2015.

  9. I really have not seen what my south south president has done. 1st January 2012 he told Nigerians that subsidy removal will solve all Nigeria’s problems, but where are d results today. As vice president, he became acting president and now full-time president for four years doing nothing. Nigerians, is it d next four years President Jona will do something? it is true that non of these politicians are good but we can choose right.

  10. Rubbish publication of political statement n strategy to end d ruling of d south south man all u r self centred n greedy pple who dnt reli giv a deem abt d pple bt only come here to deceive nigerians wit lies wen u pple re lookin for ways to continue ur plots of embezzlement well some of us has grown pass that to believe sum drama u act animore cos it jst abt self interest for dos there d masses r only considered humans wen it time for election n odas related issues dat involves d masses ani way you guyz can kill eachother for all I care not bordered cos we r left behind n aside God help d poor nigerians n tk care of our needs but dis pple up there telling sound calculated lies their mata dey ur hand baba God

  11. We nigerian dnt need a ungrown man like mr president very selfish I am vry hapi in ds impeachement he show us he can control 9ja nd we need him 2 give us place to choose the rite person

  12. are u not respectful , dont u have elders in ur that u insult president without courtesy. see, Nigerians have taken final decision on the north n we dont need any manifesto to talk to us. u are accusing innocent person on Boko haram.let the people that kindled the fire estinguish it. the originators can not out it off n u are bordering Gej . forget about online polls. vast majority of Nigerians have no business with online but i can tell u that we have finalize issue about the Buharis. what the north has done to Nigeria is worse than what Igbos did that makes them to b leadership destitute till date. Ola u may b a kid n not knowing issues about Nigeria. Hausa Igbo n yoruba should not think they appoint president for Nigeria. ok now we are waiting

  13. Pls iz it 2ru dat herry okay nd Azazi condem jonatan. Why do we 4gt history so ezly JONATAN iz d No 1 BOKO HARAMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. I’m sincerely in support of the impeachment, abah. He sees people vail for seat, incompetent person like fighting for seat too. Nigeria is now two to three step backward since he became president.

  15. @pato I share your views…some pple here are talking shit! Which of those rep member has a good record of their constituency projects been well executed! Why wunt there want to plan inpeacement when iweala is not giving them balance of uncompleted projects as directed by the president.


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