Things You Didn’t Know About Chaz B, A mini-biography


1) Chaz B had over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Management Industry of the United States of America and later consulted on management turn around in the hotel and entertainment sectors in Nigeria.

2) He is an ex-student of Kings College, Lagos and he holds an Advanced Business Management Certificate from North Technical Education Centre in Florida and an Associate of Science Degree in Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management from Miami Dade Community College (North), Florida, USA.

Chaz B Dead-Stargist

3) Before he left Nigeria in 1979, Chaz B had moved within the entertainment world. He worked with his cousin, Ben Bruce, former Director-General of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) back in 1975 when Ben owned the Fantasy Night Club in Yaba, Lagos.

4) He returned to the entertainment business in the United States of America running a limousine and bodyguard service catering just for celebrity and VIP clientele which brought him in contact with people like Donald Trump, Renee and Celine Dion, Natalie Cole and other celebs personally.


5) Chaz B’s hallmark show is “SHARING LIFE ISSUES WITH CHAZ B”, which earned him the prestigious Nigeria Media Merit Awards for 2010 as the best On Air Personality in Radio.

6) He is multi-talented being fluent in both verbal and written French and has done everything from marketing to franchising fast food joints

7) Chaz served as general manager of the Abuja-based radio station, Hot F.M and also worked with Rhythm FM and Inspiration F.M.

8) He was close friends with popular preacher, Myles Munroe and was deeply touched by his death only 2 weeks ago.


The month of November has indeed taken away two giants in the world of daily inspiration and motivation.

We celebrate the life of Chaz B! May his soul rest in peace.



  1. Chaz B I never met you before but your work and words on air has taken my mind to listen to you every day on radio RIP Chaz B I love you and I like you but God like you more.


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