Tragedy: Two Children Burn To Death As Mother Locks Them Inside To Fight Lover


Two children have been burnt to death after their mother locked them in the house and fought with her lover.

The incident occurred in the Kabong area of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, as the children, aged four and two, lost their lives as the inferno razed their apartment.

The mother, Talatu, who’s a local beer seller reportedly locked the kids in a room and left them for an unknown destination, only to return around 2 am on Monday to find her apartment burnt and children dead.

One of the children died in the inferno, while the other who was rushed to the hospital also gave up the ghost.

A neighbor speaking under the veil of anonymity described the incident:

“Talatu abandoned the children in her room and went to confront her fiancé, who had suddenly picked another lady to marry.” “She lit a candle before leaving. But before she returned, the candle had burnt low and lit the mattress. The children got burnt without anyone knowing.”