US Embassy Ruins Blessing Okagbare’s Honeymoon As Her Husband Was Refused Visa


The US embassy in Abuja has ruined the planned honeymoon of Nigerian Athlete Blessing Okagbare after they refused to grant her new husband, Igho Otegheri, visa to travel to the US with her.

The couple had planned to travel to LA where the sprint queen is based but the US embassy refused to grant visa to Igho, leaving Blessing distraught. Blessing tells Vanguard

“I feel so bad that America Embassy would turn down the visa request by my husband to travel with me to Los Angeles. I have resumed training for the season and I have to go back to my base with my husband so that I can concentrate.

“I have sent copies of my documents, including my Resident Permit in Los Angeles to them so as to facilitate my husband’s traveling with me to the States, but they refused.

“Help me appeal to them to grant him visa because it won’t be easy for me to shuttle between Nigeria and the States every time.

“I have to concentrate on my training and the only way to do so is to have my husband with me in the States. I have been so sad since my husband returned from Abuja with this bad news. They have to do something about it,” she lamented

Source: Vanguard

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  • That was unfortunate. It just goes to tell our sport authorities to upgrade our sport facilities. We can not depend on rival nations to provides these things for our athletes.

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