Why Jonathan Will Win Again In 2015 – PDP

Strategists of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are convinced that President Goodluck Jonathan will win the 2015 presidential election as he has some things his opponents do not have.

According to a strategic document prepared by the party ahead of the president’s declaration today, being an incumbent and a man with a support base that cuts across all regions in the country, he has everything his opponents lack.

“Apart from being an incumbent, who would not have to learn on the job, the president has delivered on set targets and he is stabilising the polity,’ the document read in part.

“He has given hope to Nigerians by his performance and his support of democratic structures. His support base is not regional or ethnic base, as he is delivering on the objectives of the party and none of his opponents can claim to have widespread support base close to his. You do not change a horse in the middle of a race.”

“We will be thumping up the president’s achievements in the last four years and we will ask our opponents to dispute them,” the document read.

President Jonathan will today, formally declare his intention to run for re-election in the 2015 presidential election.


  1. Laugh,what and what president Jonathan has that his running don’t have,pls don’t use that stupid statement to jorpadise our own ideal,I just want PDP to know that everybody is wise now,just tell ur president to go nd sit somewhere ooooo,cos he can not rule us again,Nigeria is suffring,we want agent of change to take over from unreasonable element called him seif president.


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