Wizkid: “I Have A Huge Crush On Chidinma”


I remember I was talking about this just a few days ago; about how a lot of artistes have crushes on the Kedike singer, but she already revealed that she wouldn’t date a fellow entertainer.

Her latest admirer is the multiple award-winning Nigerian music star, Ayo Balogun popularly known as Wizkid.

Wizkid has revealed in a chat with MTV Base that he has a huge crush on MTN Project Fame 2010 winner, Chidinma Ekile.

Speaking to the channel, Wizkid disclosed: ‘I’ve had a huge crush on Chidinma for a long time. She doesn’t know it but it’s true.’



  1. Shut that your stupid dirty trap up. U this useless heart breaker, how do u view chi? As stupid as all those jobless ladies floating around U? She is a woman wit talent, a hardworking lady and not money depending jobless ladies. Better stay clear off and go and look for a cheap whore to friend because those are the only available people for you

  2. Wendy ur very stupid, na my boss u dey refer to lik dat?, is wizkid ur mate, hw r u not even sure if chidinma has a bigger crush on him? She shuld b happy dat som1 lik wizkid liks her self.

  3. Haters go hate wizkid has a crush didnt say he was goin to date her…nd dat person cursin wizzy…he rape u abi he sleep wth ur sis nd as ur mouth dey run if u see am 4 real lyf u go off…Speakin of better tins tank God say wizzy gree tall pass Chidimma dey look gud 2geda buh i no knw their mind nd i still lyk Shola sha…

  4. lolx. naija ehn …if chidinma snaps with flavour una go say dey look good together.if na with wizkid,they look good together..am sure if she snaps with bovi u guys will repeat the same comment. mtchewwww

  5. I luv chidimmawit all my hearth…..n loving her more even for dat her singular decision not to date any fellow artist.she will sure go places

  6. Vikas, nice talk dear.
    Media will never change with their assumptions and mega mind of making money and creating attention. Una try…

  7. He only said he’s crushing on her,he neva mentioned dating her…u guyz shuld calm down and read carefully for once

  8. pls guys try to understand for once he said crush not date no matter the fact that we all know wizkid as a bad boy may be he can still be nice to chidinma pls guys try to judge people by their words lol$$$&¥¥¥&€£€


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