You won’t believe what this disgusting man posted on Twitter…


So this disgusting guy who goes by the twitter name @KILLSemaj posted a pic on twitter that got people so mad, they called the police, FBI and reported him to Twitter.  The pic is still somewhere on twitter but don’t go looking for it, because it’s child porn and it’s wrong and illegal!

Don’t even know if it’s legal for me to describe what he did but he uploaded a gross pic of a 4 months old baby he claims is his niece covered in cum and his erect penis just above her ‘vag…’ with the caption; “Babysitting my niece :)”

He actually put a smiley face! What an animal! His twitter account has since been suspended and I read that the police is now looking for him. See some reactions to what he did after the cut…


Source: LIB


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