12 Things You Must Do On Christmas Day


Written by Femi

It’s Christmas. That time of the year when everything is different. The weather, food, attitude, everything you could imagine.

So below are 12 things you must do today:

It’s a day to show love. A special day to be around the people you really love.


If you had a grudge against somebody, today is the perfect day to squash it. Start a conversation, maybe text, walk up to them, wish them a merry Christmas. Observe how you feel afterwards, then thank me later.

Pray for the people around the World that have died from unfortunate terrorism incidents.

Share gifts. Surprise the people you love with a gift, preferably wrapped.

Surprise the people you love with a gift, preferably wrapped.
Surprise the people you love with a gift, preferably wrapped.

Charity home. If you have enough, you can visit the nearby orphanage home and give the people there a special Xmas treat.


Guys, help in the kitchen. Its Christmas day and not “Ladies stay in the kitchen day”.

Watch television. So if you have got electricity over there, what you waiting for? Grab the remote and get busy. There would be tons of Christmas-related activities on TV that will be worth your time.


Take a Christmas Selfie. Yeah do that, go on Instagram or twitter and share.

Take  a Selfie
Take a Selfie

Eat appropriately.


Make your New Year resolution list. A stitch in time saves nine. Write them out today. It gives you room to go over them again and again before 2015.


Go to the Cinemas. Unfortunately “The Interview” isn’t showing in Nigeria cinemas, but there are certainly movies that would keep you at the edge of your seat. I recommend “The fault in our stars”.


Save. Hey if you getting a lot of cash today, be wise and save some.


Merry Christmas!!!