2015 Election: Buhari Pledges To Conduct Issue-Based Campaign

Muhammadu BuhariThe presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has pledged to conduct an issues-based campaign, which will focus on the upliftment of Nigerians from poverty to prosperity.

The pledge was contained in a statement issued Sunday by the Buhari Campaign Organisation.

The statement, which was signed by the BCO’s Director of Communication, Mr. Dele Alake, noted that “the issues of electricity generation and distribution, poverty elimination, eradication of corruption, mass unemployment and security of lives and property are going to form the focal points of our campaign”.

It added: “These issues have no ethnic colour. Poverty afflicts the old and the young. Unemployment has no political affiliation. Insecurity damages the economy precariously. Insecurity may be more prominent in the Northeast in the wake of the Boko Haram insurgency, but the reality is that Nigerians generally have never been as endangered as they now are.

“Our responsibility to the Nigerian people in this campaign is to articulate how to rescue Nigerians from the present danger based on the manifesto of the APC. Our responsibility is to demonstrate that Buhari has the personal virtues of discipline, honesty and transparency to inspire the change that is imminent.

“Our responsibility is to communicate how the military skills acquired by Buhari, the generals’ general, in a publicly acknowledged distinguished career, has made him the most appropriate contestant in the 2015 election with the technical and technocratic skills to crush the rampaging  insurgency and bring peace to a nation losing  a protracted guerrilla war”.

On the Buhari-Osinbajo ticket, the campaign organisation said it brought together two institutions, which defend the national patrimony and maintain internal harmony.

It explained that while the military defends the state from aggression, the judicial system defends the law, which establishes and maintains the state.

“Indeed, the intellectual, political and spiritual antecedents of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo provide the complimentary combination and collaboration that the next Nigerian administration needs – a government that respects the rights of its citizens and enforces their duty to the state”, the statement said.


  • By d special grace of God(Allah).APC would form next Fed Govt come Feb 2015 headed by Ret Gen Muhamadu Buhari 2b assissted by his able lieutenants.Well meaning Nigerians are solidly u as all of us are yearning 4 a positive & progressive change which is most desired now more dan ever b4.

  • Boko haram cannot rule dis country,go n mark it somewhere mr dreamer. After instigating violence n killing our innocent citizens nd still killing? Who do u wan 2 rule?? D era of north-must-rule syndrome is over. A northerner may become president 2019 but definitely not buhari,if he like let him use all d pastors as running mates he is an islamic extreemist!!

  • @Bright or Black or watever ur stupid name is, u better wake up from ur long slumber cox Buhari/Osinbajo is the best combination Nigeria has ever had and will definitly win the forthcoming election. If u dnt want to be ruled by Buhari, u better start packing. Idiot. Ethnic and Religious bigot. What has GEJ done for this country. GEJ my asss!

  • i cant imagine some idiots like Mr Bright gcould still be beclouded by religious and ethnic sentiment. i qsk you if your life and that of your family has become better in the last 6 yrs of a most corrupt and decerebrate lleadership. its not about religion or the region but govt’s buisness is about making life better for its citizen but life has become short, uncertain and brutish under this thieving govt that say s stealing and corruption are not the same( and that is why there will always be mass failure in weac

  • @ bright you should try to know that Nigeria of now is for us to secure it back to were it was before, regardless of where someone comes from, all this things that are happening in Nigeria is affecting everyone the Muslims, Christians and even pegans, all we are after is to have a safe, united and a progressive Nigeria, a Nigeria that our founding fathers worked for regardless of where they come from and religion, all we need in Nigeria is change, so Bright you should stop making silly comments to protect your selfish motive. We need people that have good heart, well focused and determined regardless of whether they are christians or muslims, a good person is always good because is from the heart. United we stand as one Nigeria

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