2015 Election Between A ‘Semi-Literate’ Soldier And ‘Highly Focused’ Ph.D Holder – PDP

Jonathan-BuhariThe leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has admitted that though the ruling party is not perfect in its approach to governance, it is the only party that means well for the country.

Speaking to journalists at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja on Monday, PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Prof. Wale Oladipo, admitted that the 2015 general election would be different from previous elections even as he noted that the battle will be between a ‘semi-literate’ jackboot and a ‘highly focused’ Doctorate degree holder – in apparent reference to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP.

The PDP scribe noted that for the first time, opposition elements have joined forces to send the ruling party packing, but boasted that President Jonathan will emerge victorious.

In an apparent reference to the presidential candidate of the APC, Buhari, who is running for the presidency a record fourth time, Oladipo said: “They have passed through a motion and endorsed their perennial candidate, we have beaten him three times, we are going to beat him once again.


“We are preparing for the next election which will not be like previous elections because for the first time, the opposition has coupled together a contraption that is called the APC.

“The only agenda they seem to have is to see our back but I know that God loves this country so much. God has decided that this country will remain indivisible and has decided that this country will continue to wax stronger. This country will not go back to 1983 where we will start doing trade by barter with Brazil”.

Apparently worried by the campaign publicity team assembled by the APC for the Buhari-Osinbajo presidential ticket, Oladipo said the PDP would involve its various organs and chapters in the party’s presidential campaign.

Oladipo continued: “Our various organs and chapters at all levels will be called upon to enlighten Nigerians on the programmes of the PDP wherever they reside in the world.

“They will also be called upon to counter negative propaganda that the APC is making against our party and our country in different countries of this world.

“The next election is going to be between darkness and light, it is going to be between a cosmopolitan highly focused PhD holder and a semi-literate jackboot. Nigeria cannot afford to go back, we will continue to move forward.

“God has decreed it that we continue to pilot the affairs of this country and continue to implement the transformation agenda. Our party does not belong to any religious organisation or ethnic group.

“The APC is not a political party that is really ready to offer an alternative to the teeming masses of this country”.


  1. its so sad for a prof to say Gej has a phd.. that degree needs to be probe into.. he is not showing it at all. infact the semi illiterate is by far better.. all the Thief will always support the weakest link where they steal and no he has no capacity/capability to challenge them.

  2. Buhari is an incorrigible tribalist.When he overthrew the second republic in 1983,he threw vice-president Ekwueme,an Igbo into kirikiri prison while he placed President Shagari an Hausa/Fulani under house arrest..Now I ask you,@Kin,who should be held responsible for bad governance?the president or his vice?….you see,I am too educated to be misled or cowed by the northern oligarchy.


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