2015 Elections: Dokubi-Asari Calls Northerners Ungrateful Parasites Again


Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF) Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has again called northern politicians ungrateful parasites who have not appreciated the south and especially the Niger-Delta for providing oil which has been the main stay of the country’s economy over the past four decades.

Asari said this in reaction to recent comments by the Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido that President Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters such as Asari and Chief Edwin Clarke were making statements capable of throwing the country into turmoil.

In his reaction, Asari told Vanguard over the phone that the north was bleeding over their loss of political power.

He therefore advised the zone to take its mind off the mentality of “born to rule”, saying they would continue to meet stiff resistance from the south.

“The president will win. There is no other option. If they contest they are wasting their time. He who pays the piper will dictate the tune. We own them. We are feeding them. They are parasites. A beggar has no choice. In all religions, in Islam, every where, if you are a beggar, you will respect the one who gives to you. They are beggars and parasites,” Asari said.


  • I wonder why asari has turned himself to be GEJ serving dog that bark @ all time. either u like it or not GMB is our next president in Nigeria.

  • I love this man asari dokubo, south has been feeding north for 40 yrs with oil resources, but still yet they are ungrateful, northerner are beggars and parasite, buhari is a military general parasite, too old to become president, GEJ all the way

  • Shame on you southerners, the asari u guy are pampering is a muslim this tells you that we have many of them here with us and we are equal to the task

  • Asari is the leader of Boko Haram. You know they talk any how. Cast your glance on how the so called ‘Shikau’ talk, you will discover that they are alike in their statements.

  • Bastard have spoken again, actually time will come this year you will not see where to hide untill u vomit all u have stolen with ur master

  • wat ever u cal yourself i don’t care,all i know u ar not d creator,GOD is d creator wit GOD everytin is posible.buhari is our next president 2015

  • wat ever u cal yourself i don’t care,all i know u ar not d creator,GOD is d creator wit GOD everything is posible.buhari is our next president 2015, only a beger has d fear of GOD, asari u will soon be a begger that has no choice

  • The coconut head will smash northerners soon @Abdu shehu, if they have tried Kakwanso it would have make a different. Buhari will never I meant never ever perceived Aso Rock, let him finished his brothers the Northerners. After Jona, Ben Ayade from Cross River State. Aka Asari for live.

  • @shehu,@sani..why are you, northerners seeing GEJ’s two tenures as being too long?Because your agitation for northern presidency is not based on GEJ’s perfomance because for more than 40yrs,you people destroyed Nigeria and plunged it into the Abyss without even educating your population.let me tell you:You do not have the morality to question Asari and whatever he says.For your information,Buhari is destined not to be there NO matter what it takes.GEJ will continue till 2019 and we will make sure it happens.

  • Anybody that’s against Dokubos statements, has no sense of reasoning Sari Dokubo, is 100% on point so go and rest u forking Northerns

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