Another Babysitter Secretly Filmed Assaulting A Five-Year-Old Boy

There is another child assault after the Ugandan housemaid almost killed a baby, this time, it is in China that this cruel babysitter was caught on camera kicking and hitting a five-year old-boy after he refused to eat his food.


Heng Hsiao was secretly filmed dragging Shing Sun who is 5, across the floor as she pummeled him while his parents went out to dinner, but a secret camera that they had installed to catch burglars revealed the nanny’s disgusting behavior instead.

In a sickening abuse of power, Heng, wearing a cream trouser suit, towers over the boy kicking him while he uses his legs to try and fight her off.

As he lies on the floor crying, she batters him with a slipper and is heard shouting: ‘I will beat you to death.’
At one point, the babysitter drags the child out of sight of the camera. Then, when she reappears she begins cleaning the floor where she had just attacked the lad.

Police are now investigating the brutal assault by Heng and the video footage could be used in evidence against her.
A police spokesman said: ‘We have seen the video and are now questioning the woman.’

The boy’s distraught mum Qing Chin, said: ‘When we got home she seemed normal and said Sun was in bed asleep.
‘She was a new babysitter so we didn’t really know her that well, but she seemed nice enough. We paid her and then we went up to see Sun. He was crying and shaking with fear.

‘When he told us what had happened we couldn’t believe it. But then we checked the camera, which we’d put up to catch burglars, and saw that woman attacking our little boy.

‘We were completely shocked and sickened. How could someone to do this to a child?
‘There are so many child abuse cases and baby sitters are rarely punished severely. But I never thought it would happen to our child.’

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