APC Blasts Jonathan Again On Economic Hardship

The main opposition party All Progressives Congress (APC) has again accused President Goodluck Jonathan of failing to plan for the bad patch.


The spokesman of South East APC Osita Okechukwu while addressing party supporters in Enugu, expressed agreement with the President about the diversity of challenges opposing Nigeria, and that they did not start today.

Jonathan speaking in Abuja on Sunday, had said, that Nigeria is facing a lot of challenges now as a nation and that the challenges did not start today, but somehow, instead of abating the problems started increasing for one reason or the other.

APC South East spokesman said that while he agreed that the challenges did not start today, they are growing instead because of the unclear and undeveloped economic policies of Jonathan’s Economic Team.

One is at a loss how else an economy can be down, except now that Nigeria is broke, the Naira devalued and we are back into the loop of foreign debt trap,” he announced.  “Our hardship and the challenges are inflicted by Jonathan regime.”

He lamented that the Economic Team had failed to plan for the rainy day, stating that the instability of the crude oil market was basic knowledge, and that no responsible and responsive government would panic form Day One as the Jonathan’s Team was doing.  In one breath they said that government has no business in business and in another breath they fuel corruption.

Okechukwu reminded that at the beginning of Jonathan’s government in May 2010, it inherited from late President Umaru Musa Yaradua over $10 billion in the Excess Crude Account and from thence till last month crude oil price was never sold below $90 per barrel.
He further stated that the Nigeria Customs Service, despite irresponsible waivers being decided to cronies by the Jonathan’s government, rakes in a minimum of N800 billion yearly.

Accordingly, when you add revenue from LNG and other sources you will agree with me that the hardship Nigerians are facing today is deliberately inflicted by the planlessness and squandermania of the Jonathan administration,” he said.

Ahead of 2015 presidential elections opposition and ruling parties used to exchange allegations as a part of campaigning.

President Jonathan recently has challenged presidential candidate that emerges from the APC to a public debate.

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