Autobiography: Ekiti Govt Urges Court To Sanction Obasanjo For Contempt

wpid-2014-12-11-18_09_58.jpgThe Ekiti State Government has approached a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, praying it to sanction former President Olusegun Obasanjo for violating a court order restraining him from publishing his autobiography, ‘My Watch’.

The controversial book was launched in Lagos on Tuesday with the ex-president denying insinuations that he was flouting a valid court order restraining from going ahead with the public presentation of his autobiography.

In its reaction, the state government, which described Obasanjo’s action as a deliberate impunity and contempt of the court, said the sanction was necessary “to serve as deterrent to other people who see themselves as ‘super powers’ far and above the laws of the land”.

In a statement by the Commissioner for Justice, Mr Owoseni Ajayi, the Ekiti State Government noted that it was embarrassing that a former president “will be behaving with impunity, disregarding the rights of other Nigerians and recently became contemptuous of court orders”.

Ajayi stated that, “In the lexicon of our legal jurispudence, a court order, however frivolous, must be obeyed until discharged by that court or set aside by another court.

“It is therefore a deliberate impunity and disregard for the rule of law and our judiciary for Chief Obasanjo to disobey the said order made by a competent court of law. It stands condemnable.

“The court should be courageous enough to sanction this impunity and deliberate contempt of its order to serve as a deterrent to other people who see themselves as “super powers” far and above the law of the land. The sanctity of our judiciary must be protected.

“In concussion, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo must be told the truth that he is not a saint in the class of our Lord, Jesus Christ, while other former and present rulers, who are satanic agents, should be sent to the gallows for prosecution”.


  1. A lawless country where a criminal is calling another man a criminal. Mr. Governor remove the mote in your eyes in order to see clearly. We pray seriously for a New Nigeria where Hypocrite, fraudster, thug and criminals will not have access to position of authority! Nigeria shall be deliver, is a matter of time!

  2. I realy don’t know when this movie of hypocrity will come to an end. If Obasanjo should be sanction just as a result of what you called a contempt to the rule of law, what should pls happen to the No 1 citizen of your state who assaulted a judge even inside a court. Let’s stop this childish play and pray for the deliverer. We are not getting it right in this country

  3. Now, the chicken have come home to roost. Where are those greedy and shameless lawyers Obasanjo claimed advised him to proceed with the book launch? It is now obvious that he deliberately contempted the court. That is Obasanjo for you. Nigeria and every body and thing in it belong to him. Halucination, first sign of nervous break down.


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