Banky W Blasts APC, Wants Fashola As VP

The news of Yemi Osibanjo’s appointment as the running mate of Presidential aspirant, Muhammadu Buhari, is not a development every one is happy with.

EME Music boss, Banky W has come out and blasted the APC, questioning the credibility of the choice.


It seems Banky wanted Lagos state governor, Fashola as Buhari’s running mate.

Yemi was picked because he is a christian while Fashola is a muslim.

Banky W also goes on to speak on how religion and tribe often divides us.



Banky W is a Nigerian singer and super RnB act who has made millions off his own success and his talent of finding unknown talent.


  1. Uncle Banky, it is a gud thing that u av come out to express ur dissatisfaction abt d choice of Buhari’s VP, Yemi Osibajo…
    Let me say first that Fashola was my choice too..
    I’d like to state at dis point that during d tym of Abiola the country was not dis volatile due to religion/ethnic differences.
    However, it is very important now that we balance the religion/ethnic issues, especially when there is a propaganda about Buhari being a Muslim Fanatic. I consider dis pairing neutral… A job well done by the APC…
    Let’s just join hands and support them…

    • U right banky, bt I want u to realise dat many ppl in dis country will neva tink d way u do, and also d opposition party will hv some ppl to cofused by doing dat cos nt all ppl hv a deep tinkin, I want u to jst accept dis and we should pray 4 dem and d foward of 9ja thnaks

  2. Banky…u talk like a small pikin…do u kn y Abiola did not rule..?well d runin mate is a bad choice shaa…but shoosen Fashola is worst bkos muslim to muslim is d problem of Abiola…but hv it at back of ur mind dat Yemi is shoosen by Tinubu but Buhari…above all APC doesn’t hv wat it takes to win d presidentail election…all dey are doin is for dey self interest…fUCK APC


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