Be Very Vigilant! There Are 52 Female Suicide Bombers Waiting To Detonate In Maiduguri – Civilian JTF


If you are in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, beware of women in niqabs and burqas, they may be carrying bombs. This is the concern raised by a member of the youth vigilante group in the state, who said there are at least 52 female suicide bombers lurking around the northeast city, waiting for the perfect opportunities to detonate their bombs.

The civilian terror fighter noted that his alert became necessary as there was no way anyone would see what the bombers are carrying under their veils. Two suicide bombers had last week caused the death of over 35 people in Maiduguri. Two others blew themselves up in the city on Monday, causing six deaths and leaving about 36 injured.

The source told Thisday on Monday after the two attacks on the Maiduguri Monday Mmarket, that the youth vigilante group had made it difficult for the insurgents to unleash massive mayhem on the town with the incessant search of vehicles and people of the town.

“One of the female suicide bombers arrested revealed to them (youth vigilante) that presently in Maiduguri there are 52 female suicide bombers who have been commissioned to explode bombs at high density areas,” he said.