Buhari Has A Track Record Of Incompetence – PDP

olisa metuhThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has described the delay in All Progressives Congress, APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari’s announcement of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as his running mate as the height of incompetence.

The PDP also declared that the eventual choice of Mr. Osinbajo is a confirmation of its stand that the APC is the personal project of a cabal commanded by former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu, to expand its political and economic frontiers.

The ruling party, in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, on Wednesday said, “Should power get to this cabal, who is desperate to control the political and economic power centre of the nation, then Nigeria is finished”.

“By the choice of Osinbajo, a well-known acolyte of Tinubu, who served under him as Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, the APC, General Buhari and Tinubu have boldly recreated their well-known notoriety for sectional and personal interests, the PDP said.


“It is particularly worrisome that General Buhari has surrendered his first official responsibility of choosing a running mate, invariably his powers, to Tinubu even before he goes to the field to ask for votes.

“This is not surprising of Buhari, who has consistently exhibited a track record of incompetence. This is the same man who as military head of state surrendered all his powers to his second in command. The story of his headship of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) is not different, as he also got lost before the flurry of portfolios of paid consultants.

“In 2011, as the leader of the CPC, Buhari failed woefully. His whimsical interference in the choice of candidates for his party not only muddled up the process but ended up creating an electoral malfeasance and confusion that eased out federal lawmakers elected on the platform of the CPC from his native Katsina state.

“Our citizens should indeed be concerned about this: that it took the APC six days to produce its vice presidential candidate and that the founder and funder of the party, Tinubu, as always, had his way. No doubt, this is how Tinubu is going to impose his mercantilist interest on major decisions affecting the entire country.

“This is the problem with the APC, a political party built on the narrow interests of very few individuals. Any political party that subjects its collective will to the whims of an individual, as it is with the APC, is indeed not ready for leadership.

“Fortunately, the PDP offers to all Nigerians a truly national party and a Jonathan/Sambo ticket ready to build a better tomorrow.

“In PDP, the focus remains to ensure that we continue to deliver on our promises and put the interests of Nigerians first in all our party decisions and policies of our government”.


  1. We all know that Gen Buhari does not have his own mind .during his much talk about military rule we know much about Gen Tunde idiagbon his deputy than him.he has started showing the same faith by giving his mandate to Alhaji Tinubu .Is that the person you want to give president of Nigeria no impossible.

  2. Olisa metuh is a moron. He represents the kind of leadership that has failed this nation. He is an indisciplined father who beat up his children’s teacher recently because they disciplined his children. he lacks moral right to talk leadership. This is a man who cannot train his children. shameless man.

    Any way, to answer the fool, just visit PAC and PDP controlled states and federal establishments , then you can judge. This is the most useless government since independence.

  3. Buhari built all the refineries and depots including most of the pipelines for distribution. he restored our national pride when the likes of olisa were ruining our nation during the time of NPN. I don’t have to roll out this mans achievements. Its in the national archives. I wish WAI continued and became a national culture, the likes of olisa will be in prison for looting and economic sabotage.

  4. Olisa metuh knows that with buhari n osibajo as candidates 4 APC, pop is gone.he talked about incompetence, every Nigerians except metu knows that gej is most incompetent president Nigeria ever had.although it is late now the south south people should av presented a more competent person to complete their slot but with gej, south south av lost their 2nd bid

  5. Buhari built refineries; your patron cannot even maintain them not to talk of buiding one; he built roads some of which we are using today and your patron cannot maintain them; he rehabilitated hospitals; he fought Maitatsine islamic extremists successfully; he fought corruption to a stanstill; he instilled discipline in Nigerians; he did not devalue the Nigerian currency; education was better then than now; Nigerians were forward looking rather than being depressed. What can you say about the Nigeria today. Buhari should be copied by PDP instead of being irrationally villified.

  6. Buhari is a complete failure as a soldier, a leader,, a follower, a ruler,an administrator, a husband and a father. Nigeria needs the Confab restructuring to clear the mess created by Obasanjo and Buhari. GEJ will do it. Vote for him.


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