Buhari Has Never Won, He Has Not Improved Himself Since 1985 – Okupe

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Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, has described the emergence of former Head of State, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (rtd), as the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a costly mistake. He said Buhari has not improved himself since he left office in 1985.

“The choice of APC or their decision to elect Buhari as their standard bearer, is a fatal error. I have been in this game for nearly 30 years or more. I understand this game of politics very well. Buhari is not a winner, has never won, and will not win; and it is for a reason that he has never won,” said Okupe during a courtesy visit to Vanguard’s corporate headquarters in Lagos.

“The question you need to ask yourself and what APC should have asked themselves is: Why Buhari? The calculation is that Buhari came with 12 million votes on the strength of his showing in the last election. Now, if you can deliver the entire South-West, that is another 20 million votes, and other platforms, you add it and he is going to win.


“Politics is not mathematics. Yes, Buhari had 12 million votes. The Bola Tinubus of this world, in the course of showing their capabilities, have been bruised; they do not control the South-West and that is very clear. In actual fact, because they have a lot of money, Buhari should have dumped them long ago because they cannot deliver.

“At the beginning of this year, maybe the calculation was still clear that they would deliver South-West. Today in the South-West, Ondo is not in the basket, Ekiti is not in the basket, Osun State is neither here nor there and I am saying that authoritatively.

“Omisore may still be the governor of Osun but even if he does not become the governor of Osun State, we have seen the results of election in Osun State. If that is something to go by, it is topsy-turvy.’

“In Lagos State, just as they (APC) are clamouring for change at the national level, people at the grassroots are saying they are fed up of the nonsensical things that APC has been doing in the state.

“So, the point I am trying to make is that theoretical calculations may be what has misled them into taking that decision, but it is unfortunate and regrettable, and it is a fatal error.

The presidential aide boasted that it is pointless worrying about Buhari, who has added no value to himself or to people around him in the last 29 years.

“Buhari, to me, is a non-issue. Buhari has only two things going for him. He has not improved himself since he left office; he has not added any value, personally to himself or to any political tendencies that he represents. He is a religious bigot and there is nothing he can do about that. He is not even a nationalist. Some few days ago, some people came out to say that Buhari is the northern candidate. So, who is the southern candidate?

“Buhari is trying to make poverty a virtue, but poverty is not a virtue. The fact that Buhari has left office for so long and he says he is so poor, is nothing to celebrate, it is indolence and shameful. Is that a role model? Is that who you will want your children to be, a poor man? Indolence is not something we should celebrate. If a man like Buhari at his age says he is a poor person, that is too bad and it is also a deceit. That is not integrity,” Okupe said.


  1. Okupa is a cheap corrupt entity just like his boss (Jonathan) who has appreciated corruption, insecurity, unemployment and undevelopment. You said Buhari has not improved himself and he’s poor; yes is because he did not loot public fund as you and your boss are enjoying the looting now. If you have nothing to say about Buhari you better shut your mouth and hide your shameless corrupt face because whether you like it or not here comes the end of you and your boss failed administration.

  2. Sorry, mr oku igbe. God is about to favour Nigéria with a responsible and God fearing leader who shall serve his people this time around. Buhari is the man. As for you, the only noticeable improvement in you os your ability to lie. The hottest part of hell is reserved for you. I Cant wait to see you beyond bata for looting come 2015.

  3. Okupe or what do u call urself go & burry ur heads in shame u & ur boss jonathan, we Nigerians all know that both jonathan & poeple arround him were disaster & calamity to this nation, baster assholes & theives.

  4. Mr. Doyin Okupe, u re a lier and a thief, a person who don’t wants progress for this noble country. Your so called Jonathan has nothing to offer after seven years in office. Our eyes has open, please enough is enough and stop spreading rubbish about GMB.

  5. What a rigging system before hand. The people are waiting and ready for a change this time,if they think buhari is not creadable why the lies,the political mudsliding of buhari of whom even the devil will testify in his lies that buhari is not corrupt.the okupes should just gear up for prison and his cohorts. You think people are fools? You people have made nigeria worse,divided this loving country with religious abrakadabra.one day if not buhari if you rig him out this time,God can raise a messiah to save us from your greed,looting,falsehood and satanic manipulations.maranathar.

  6. Mr okupe, thanks for campaigning, nigerians are wise enough to decide their future. You are not in a position to educate cos u are a corrupt and partisan politician.

  7. A good person is always thinking of the poor peoples.
    Look with just one opportinuty God give you, U want to kill every every body just because of Money. Barawo, Fuel subcidy, blood sucker, Money londrin, foulling down of naira. Time is very limited for u, the beans wey never don is waiting for u Armrover?

  8. These words of urs are foolish,baseless, and shows that u are a thief, it really shows that u are an enemy of progress and pple should not reckon with people like u. And if u and ur team don’t repent in good time, ur children and ur entire generation to come will av a share of ur disastrous calamity when it comes. If we av been electing those who av embezzled before and claims they had no shoes into office and now they intend to use d whole Nigerian money to buy shoes, and things still getting worse, then I think U, OKUPE or wot do u call urself should even try to cast ur vote for a change. I don’t belong to any political party cos I don’t believe in party but I strongly believe in aving d right candidate, be it any party. Thank you


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