Buhari Is Like An Old Plane Whose Functionality Cannot Be Guaranteed – Ahmadu Ali

Ahmadu Ali
Ahmadu Ali

Former PDP National Chairman, Dr. Ahmadu Ali has slammed the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari, calling him an old plane that has been parked for too long, whose functionality cannot be guaranteed.

He said this yesterday at the public presentation and launch of a book on the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan. The 112-page book entitled “Profile of achievements” was put together by PDP Youth Network.

Jonathan, who was expected at the launch of the book which chronicled his achievements, was however absent without sending any representative. Ministers, senators, House of Representatives members as well as other prominent Nigerians were also absent and did not send representatives.

Ali, who was represented by Akeem Atojoko, however likened President Jonathan to a plane that has been working for ten years, which in aviation rules, would be better and well guaranteed than a new one that has just been purchased.

Commenting on the new book, he said; “The book is a must read, if our President was lousy, there will be no avenue for the opposition to trade words and blames at him. He is easy going and quiet and he is digital.

“We will be here in 2019 to celebrate the successes of President Jonathan when he must have completed his work. With the course I did on Aviation, we were told that a 10-year plane which has been working is far better than a brand new one you buy today. Buhari is an old plane that has been parked for long, we have a plane that has been flying; if you have a plane that has been flying for 10 years, it is better and trusted than a new one,” he said.


  1. Mr ahmad I knw u re matured so stop criticising a person Like buhari dis time around u said an old plane that has bin packed can u tell me wot d new have for Nigeria,we have seing the vision nd u hv to knw that buhari is d 1 that emeged by dis country,we shall win,we re not afraid of wot u people re preparing against us we now became do or die foolish.

  2. From the look of things in this country,Buhari has a retired general whose duties is to see that the security session of his country is his primary obligation base on the aoth he tot as a military General. Must he become the present after have failled Nigerian by jailing up innocent citizen for doing and saying the truth, the likes of Fela Anikulapo kuti that always talk on the oil treasuries that vanish with no record, Orlando owoh, pa Adekunle Ajashin, the Governor of Ondo state in his regime which the country sees as the best governor ever till date. So what’s that change he wants to bring in with Tinubu cabal that dictate the house member and authourity.
    Nigerians the future of this country depend on this election, Let proceed and don’t take the country again

  3. As usual, Buhari’s candidacy is giving PDP sleepless nights. What have they not said about Buhari? Nothing can stop the change about to happen in February thru the ballot box. Say anything you like about Buhari. It won’t stop Buhari from trouncing Jonathan resoundingly in February. They know Buhari is d only man in Nigeria that can defeat a sitting president in a free and fair elections. PDP is pathetic. Look @ their childishness in their utterances


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