Buhari: Why I Didn’t Submit My Academic Qualifications To INEC

Muhammadu BuhariFormer Head of State and Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the 2015 general elections, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has told the Independent National Electoral Commission that his academic qualifications and credentials are with the military.

This came to light on Monday when journalists visited the headquarters of INEC in Abuja.

Unlike those of other presidential candidates, whose academic qualifications were on display including President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Buhari’s own were conspicuously missing.

However, the development was better explained in an affidavit the APC presidential candidate deposed to before an Abuja High Court.

According to him, all his certificates were with the Secretary, Military Board. The affidavit was dated November 24, 2014 and was stamped and received by INEC on December 18, 2014.

“I am the above-named person and deponent to this affidavit therein. All my academic qualifications documents as filled in my presidential form, President APC/001/2015, are currently with the Secretary, Military Board as of the time of presenting this affidavit. The affidavit is made in good faith and for record purpose”, Buhari stated.



  1. mr BuHari, do you think that we nigerians were all mad dogs like u! who does not have ang other sences except the violence one? hw do u want us to believe u,that all your credensial is with the millitary secretary? you should talk true at least for once! simply tell us you don’t have ang certificate instead of pretence because we all know you to be illitrate!!

  2. Emeka , Google for buhari’s credentials. The skool he attended and the rest you will see them online. Don’t prove to us that you are an illiterate.

  3. Emake u must be a fool, did you think he study as a zoology as ur God father did? Google GMB and read about him and the skul he went to in the UK! I’m sure ur father can’t afford the fees as that time! Illiterate like you calling som1 illiterate! Ode ooshi…..

  4. Guys: Online analysis cannot give the true picture here.
    Why should all your credetials be with the military?
    To me something is fishing!
    Anyway let the game continue running.

  5. Integrity and diligence are best xtics we should look out for in deciding whom we should cast our vote for. I don’t think having the highest qaulification alone makes one a good leader.

  6. Is there any Office called the Military Board in Nigeria Army? Is there anyone with a Position as Secretary to the Military Board? Wake up and smell the coffee! There is no INTEGRITY in lying under OATH. Buhari’s Affidavit makes him Corrupt and Perjurious!

  7. For sake of argument let us say he has all of d required certification he claims to have. For something as colossal as the presidential election of the federal republic of Nigeria the so called Military Board Secretary wouldn’t let GMB make photocopies!!
    So he has never made photocopies of his credentials in is life? Photocopies would have looked funny though, but would have been a better picture compared to the story put forward. So since 1985 the Secretary has had his credentials and wouldn’t let him have them so he can compete favourably for the office of the President of Nigeria?
    God bless us all.

  8. I was not going to comment on this but this Prince fellow must be reprimanded. Did Buhari under the military pay for the studies he went for in the U.K, India and U.S??? Those studies were paid for by the military for your information and if Buhari passed those exams he will be proud to show us his certificates. The fact that he is alluding to a fictitious Secretary of the Military Board tells us in clear words that he failed those courses. Please if you’re going to come out to the public, learn some manners.

  9. If you have them go and submit them. No excuses. This is a new era and these things matter. Not again. Nigeria will not be ruled by half baked or semi literates.

  10. We are in jet age n nobody shud cm n fool us,why shud sm ignorance blind sm peo’s eye 2 see d truth? If Buhari has dos cert let him apply n cm n show it to us.

  11. Some pple are just saying rubbish. If u don’t have good tins to say y not keep quiet. Some are saying he shud come n show us his cert. Hw many of d candidates displayed their cert or is dis d first time Gen Buhari is contesting? So why is it now de discovered dat he has no Cert? Ok PDP is shaking

  12. Pls nigerians gud pple, we all have information at our fingertips. Accordiing to mr buhari he say and I quote “I will fight corruption” what is corruption? Corruption means any abuse of a position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage. I wan’t hold him for his pass,What he did to the vice president when he forcefully took over power and when he was ptf chairman. But we the youth of this country spend years and money to pass our WASC, and each time we apply for a job we are told to bring this and that, we from the south are made to have 200 and above while our peers from the north are required to make lower. Some nigerians are saying it does not matter. But when you and I (esp. From the south) are looking for a position in nigeria it will then matter

  13. All of us may talk and talk and dance with one leg, but each of us has the power to vote in or vote out candidates. We should therefore vote either the Phd holder or the controversial certificate holder who, in the words of someone here, failed all other courses. If certificate will solve the overwhelming challenges we have in this country, there’s only one way to find out: #yourvoteisyourpower


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