Cremated Remains Found In Donation


Police in Indiana said workers at a Goodwill store discovered two boxes of cremated human remains while sorting through donated household items. Read more from UPI:

Lafayette police Sgt. Grant Snyder said the workers were sorting through donations Friday at the Goodwill store in Lafayette when they discovered a box contained two velvet pouches containing smaller boxes filled with cremation ashes.

Snyder said the remains were labeled with names and dates that allowed police to return them to the family. He said the incident is not being investigated as a crime.

“It was just an accident,” he told the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

Goodwill manager Paula Strong said the discovery was the “strangest” thing she has encountered in her time with the store.

Human remains were previously discovered in a donation to a Plymouth, Mass., thrift shop in September. Police said the ashes found at the Savers store belonged to an infant girl and were returned to the girl’s father, who said the donation was an accident.


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