DNA From Beard Led To Burglar’s Arrest

Leon Tennant

Police in New York say a suspect was caught by a whisker when his DNA, from his beard hair led cops to his arrest. The Huffington Post reports:

Sheriff’s deputies in upstate New York say an intruder armed with a knife had confronted a woman in her home in Vienna last December but the woman grabbed his beard before he fled.

A hair sample was sent for DNA testing. Oneida County deputies say it was linked to 54-year-old Leon Tennant in October.

Last week, Tennant was released from jail in another county on an unrelated offense then transported to Vienna for arraignment on a first-degree burglary charge.

Deputies said Saturday they’re asking anyone who knows more about Tennant to contact them.

Tennant is being held without bail. No information on an attorney for him was available.


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