Election 2015: Northerner Must Be President If Not… – Northern Elders Insists

Influential Northern groups, Arewa Consultative Forum and the Northern Elders’ Forum have reiterated their earlier stand that power must return to the north in 2015.


The groups were joined by four other groups in making the demand, they include; the Arewa Reawakening Forum, Arewa Research and Development Project, Northern Union and the Code Group, Punch reports.

The demand was made  at  a  news conference  in Kaduna, where the groups asked President Goodluck Jonathan to respect the alleged existing  agreement made in 2011 that the Presidency would return to the north in 2015, saying the agreement must be strictly followed.

Speaking on behalf of the groups, former special Adviser on Food Security  to former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Prof. Ango Abdullahi,  warned that  if political parties to the pact failed to adhere to field northern candidates, the North  would take advantage of  its numerical strength  to ensure that power returned  to the region in 2015.

It will be recalled that the North had reportedly  resolved to adopt the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as its consensus candidate for 2015 as reports had earlier stated that  the election of Buhari as the presidential candidate of the APC had  changed the political calculations in Northern Nigeria.


  1. All the years that the northers have ruled what have they done for themselves? They can’t keep their own children off the streets. 90% of the beggers in Nigeria are northerners. Or, they want to turn all of us to almajiri? Those almajiris, don’t they have parents?Please you pipo shld stop aannoying Nigerians.

  2. Can this group be reminded that we are practicing democracy not politics by choice….the Indigbo should be demanding same. If they continue to make this type of noise the few followers of Gen Buhari in the south can also decided not to vote for him. The same old brigades that has been Nigerian problem for so many years are back on stage. We’ve had enough of you so leave the young ones to decide Nigeria fate. Long Live Nigeria not Arewa whatever

  3. This is what bothers me about Nigeria’s politics! Nigeria is seen as the property of the Northerners, Westerners and the Easterners. Put simply, the Hausas, the Yorubas and the Ibos arrogantly think Nigeria belongs to them! What about other tribes in Nigeria – the Urhobos, Edos, Itshekiri, Ibibios, etc? Nigeria belongs to us all. The idea that today the Hausas want power, tomorrow the Yorubas, and a day after the Ibos, is annoying and unacceptable in a democratic setting! Nigeria is not a piece of toy that the Housas will play with today and transfer to the Yorubas tomorrow and the Ibos a day after. The other tribes have equal right to the leadership of Nigeria. I believe that if the union should continue, then those who have the qualification, qualities and attributes should run the administration of Nigeria. The criteria need to be that they are Nigerians of uprightness, people of good characters and vision, people who believe in equal right and will do everything in their power to uphold justice, people of vision and are respected in the society. The composition of the leadership of Nigeria must be the microcosm of the citizens of Nigeria. Nothing else would do! The main reason why strive, corruption, weak enforcement of the rule of law is ongoing in Nigeria is that some people see the resources, particularly the oil revenue as theirs and will do anything conceivable to remain in control. The overriding objective or reason why some people are clamoring for power shift in Nigeria is purely because they want to control the resources of Nigeria not because they have the interest of the masses in mind. Everybody want to own a jet at the expense of the masses. This trend must stop in the interest of the continuation of the Union. Nigeria belongs to us all. Long live Nigeria!!!