First Ladies’ Office Cannot Be Stopped- Patience Jonathan Tells Buhari

Dame Patience Jonathan, the First Lady,  has criticized the scraping of the office of the First Ladies, arguing that ” First Ladies have made profound contributions to the development of Nigeria”  Punch reports.


Mrs. Jonathan disclosed this in Umuahia, Abia State on Friday December 26, while speaking at the grand civic reception in her honour by her maternal kinsmen of the Ohuhu clan.

According to The Street Journal, she stated that the bid by politicians from the opposition party to scrap the office of the First Lady would amount to sending the Nigerian women back to the kitchen if such came to fruition, adding, “It is not our portion to go back to the kitchen”.

She added, “We have women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria.”

She explained that contrary to opinions and wrong impressions by some people, First Ladies play essential roles in moving the country forward, adding that those behind the call might not have appreciated the good parts being played by First Ladies.

However the wife of the President recalled that she through her office she has touched the lives of many Nigerian women and youths, adding that many governors’ wives have also affected lives in their various states through the same office.

She insisted that First Ladies all over the world play supportive roles which she noted, were very relevant for the successes recorded by their husbands.

Mrs. Jonathan made these remarks in response to a proposition by Gen Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the APC to scrap the office of the First Lady if voted into office as Nigeria’s President on the basis that the constitution of Nigeria makes no provision for the office.



  1. The question is, does Buhari really know the function of the first lady’s office? If an AL haji like Buhar have 4 wives, how then can he have an office of first the lady and for which of wives

  2. It is a pity that the first lady should insinuate that scrapping the office of the first lady means sending the women back to the kitchen. This means the first lady does not cook for the president and abdicating her cardinal responsibility of taking care of the family which includes but not restricted to going to the kitchen. A woman who cannot cook is not a complete woman. There are many women in high places and they still cook for their husbands and take care of the children. I am sure many women do not subscribe to what the first lady is saying. Going to the kitchen is not peculiar to men and that does not mean women that go to the kitchen are any less human but that is their God given role as bearing children is also theirs. The bottomline is that that office is not recognized by the constitution and therefore any money appropriated for that office is illegal and fraudulent.

  3. Buhari thinks that his vulgar statements are welcome or framed sensible to possess any political posts these days again? Foolish thing from Northern part of my dear country.

  4. My God! Hear them turn kitchen into an abhorrent place! God save us! Somebody has to do the cooking in the kitchen, male or female! Can somebody explain to Patience in her dialect what General Buhari meant when he said the office of the first lady is irrelevant? I am getting embarrassed by her understanding of this.

  5. Let her tell us her role in Jonathan’s government. Anyway, one thing I know she did was her contribution in making more enemies for her husband as well as disgracing the presidency. Only in Nigeria are demented pp allowed to speak on national issues.


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