Freak Accident: SUV Crashes Into Roof Of California Garage


A California couple said they initially suspected it was an early morning earthquake when the accident occurred, without knowing that an SUV had crashed through the roof of their garage. UPI has more:

Escondido police said a satellite radio company reported an airbag deployment in a sport-utility vehicle about 12:23 a.m. and officers responded to find the rear end of the BMW sticking out from the roof of a garage.

Resident George Strother said his wife initially thought the impact was an earthquake, but they soon found the wreckage in their garage.

“The first thing we saw, the BMW that had come through the roof had landed on the hood of our Pathfinder and had pushed it back into the garage door, which had buckled the door,” Strother told KNSD-TV. Police said there was no driver at the scene of the crash and a search of the area and local hospitals failed to turn up any suspects.

Investigators said they found skid marks on a road located above the home. “You can see where he was turning onto the side streeet and was going too fast,” Escondido Police Sgt. Jim Lanigan told U-T San Diego. “The speed I don’t know, but enough that it couldn’t make the turn and launched itself.”


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