Gen. Muhammadu Buhari Release Cute Photos Of His Family


Say what you want but former head of state and 2015 presidential aspirant, Muhammadu Buhari, is definitely winning the social media battle as the 2015 elections draw closer.

Just a couple of days ago, Muhammadu Buhari released stunning photos of himself in various attires, now he has done the same with his family.

The presidential aspirant has just released cute and adorable photos of his beautiful and charming family.

See photos below: ;-

(Bottom-row-From-left): Safina Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari, Halima Buhari Sheriff,(top-row-from-right), Noor & Mohammed Sheriff

Halima Buhari Sheriff and Daughter

Mohammed Sheriff with wife, Halima Buhari Sheriff

Mrs Aisha Buhari

Mrs Aisha Buhari

Safina Buhari with her kids


  1. The mallam hasn’t got d ticket of im party yet…and una d talk about him becoming president come 2015. And even if him manage get d APC ticket, him no fit beat President Good luck. Buhari cry before, make him get ready to cry again- mallam boko haram. Nothing for you come 2015.

  2. Its obvious that love and tolerance has deserted us in this country. Why are we so blinded by religion and tribalism? I’m from southwestern Nigeria and a Muslim and I canvassed for Jonathan in d last election,the decision I’m still regretting. I wonder why we can’t base our choice on ideology,integrity and on the actualisation of last promises by GEJ. Personally I want a diiferent choice but unfortunately there none other than APC. And that’s my choice. @ Sofyat I see u.

  3. If him get beta sense make he go sit down jeje. He don old too much. He don dey for inside govament since 1973. He no dey beleful? That don do am jare. Not only him dey Naija. We dey wait for him dog and baboon show. Him boko haram still dey for ground. Show go plenty for am in 2015.

  4. @megaman bastard maybe na garri u dey soak 24/7 nd u still dey has ignorate as a ill trained dog. What as GEJ done 4 d six rather d country is moving backward in all front,is it d removal of fuel subsidy which was later embezzled or d insecurity nd many more. Just hope we nigerians can wise up

  5. Having seen a country full of extremist nd racist like nigerians. No b boko haram bomb kano central mosque but yet some fools still point fingers at d wrong pple or have u forgotten when GEJ said he know boko harams sponsors nd yet nothing has been done to stop dem.Regretted voting 4 d imbecile

  6. This lovely pack of ladies and children cannot be the immediate family of 72 years GMB because they are too young. This suggests he must have other grown up children and family members who are beneficiaries of the wealth not being linked to him. Let us not deceive ourselves GMB is as enriched by the system as all other political opportunists since 1970.The picture of his family here does not indicate people of average but above average lives.