Hong Kong Protesters Given Thursday Deadline To Clear Sites

Huge protest banners block a main road along with tents set up by pro-democracy protesters outside the government headquarters at Admiralty in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s High Court has ordered that the main protest sites which have choked the financial city for more than two months to be cleared, building up to a final showdown which is to hold on Thursday between pro-democracy activists and authorities backed by Beijing. Reuters report:

A local bus company, which was granted an injunction against street blockades at the site in Admiralty, home to government offices and next to the main Central business district, has received an official clearance order from the High Court, according to notices posted in local papers on Tuesday.

Student groups have been calling for a free vote in the Chinese controlled city through largely peaceful demonstrations dubbed the “Umbrella Movement”.

Paul Tse, the lawyer who represents the bus company, told local television the protesters should leave the area before 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Chief Executive C.Y. Leung, who has branded the protests illegal, has rejected calls for more talks on political reform and warned protesters not to turn to violence when the clearance starts.

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