Hungarian Singer To Sue Beyonce Over Piracy


Queen B might be taken to court over allegations by a Hungarian singer for allegedly using a sample from her song for her massive hit, ‘Drunk In Love’.

Monika Miczura, also known as Mitsou, has reportedly served a lawsuit to the R&B superstar for sampling her 1995 track ‘Bajba Bajba Pelem’ on a version of her single without getting permission.

The lawsuit says: ‘Mitsou’s voice was sampled and digitally manipulated without her permission.

‘[The sampling is used] to evoke foreign eroticism alongside the sexually intense lyrics performed by Beyoncé and Jay Z in ‘Drunk in Love.’

The Grammy-nominated track – which also features Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z rapping – features on the singer’s self-titled 5th studio album which was released last year, and despite being available for the last 12 months, the angry musician wants damages and has requested for the song to be banned until her voice is removed.

Later in the lawsuit, the Hungarian singer’s lawyers explain how her voice has been illegally used throughout a considerable portion of the track.

It reads: ‘In the video, Mitsou’s solo vocal introduction follows 57 seconds of a cinematic, intimate scene of beach at night. Following Mitsou’s stirring featured solo vocal introduction, Mitsou’s voice continues to sing as Beyoncé begins to sing.

‘All together, Mitsou’s vocals are featured for over one-and-a-half minutes of the five-and-one-half minute song. Mitsou has never signed any documents that would permit anyone to use her voice for advertising or trade purposes.’


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