I Will Make The Naira Equal To The Dollar – Okorocha

APC presidential aspirants at the party's national convention in Lagos credit: Premium Times
APC presidential aspirants at the party’s national convention in Lagos
credit: Premium Times

Imo State governor and presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress Rochas Okorocha has promised to ensure the naira becomes valuable again if voted as the flag bearer of the APC and eventually wins the 2015 presidential election.

“Vote for me and I assure that Nigerian Naira will be equal to the dollar,” Okorocha promised at the national convention of the APC, where the flag bearer of the party will be chosen.

“When I say to Nigerians, I will make education free, Nigerians will believe me because I have done it before.

“I am a child of poor parentage. I hate poverty and what it brings. Today, destiny has brought to your shoulder to change the fate of this nation, you must do it well, not on the basis of sentiment,” he said.

Also speaking at the convention, former vice president Atiku Abubakar said every change demanded by Nigerians will be achieved once the APC is voted into power.

He noted that Nigerians are fed up with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government. “They are tired of the crushing level of unemployment. They are tired of poor electricity. They are tired of the dangerous PDP mathematics a dangerous maths where 16 is greater than 19. They are tired and disgusted by the siege of power and the tear gas of the our speakers on the orders of the same executives that deceived the speaker to reconvene the assembly of on issues of National important. Nigerians are tired of the death traps called road. They are tired of the collapse of the public school system.

“Today we would demonstrate that every vote counts. The APC is offering something we have never had in a long time. We would have the chance to replace a party with a party that knows what to do, who understand that education should not only be accessible but delivers what it takes.

“The nominee you are about to elect must be a person trusted by all across all ethnic groups in the country.

“Distinguished delegates flow Nigerians I continue to speak out for democracy. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur creating jobs empowering men and women,” Atiku said.


  1. Again,another very respectable man,serving governor,has portrayed the ibos as second fiddle.GOVERNOR ROCHAS OKOROCHA knows so very well that he will not make the primaries beyond two or three votes from even the bought up delegates.Why wasted so much i believe government money and other exigencies and backed out even in the venue…,I HAVE A DREAM.A DREAM A WELL NUTURED IBO INDIGINE WILL COME OUT AND SAY NO TO INFERIORITY AND SECOND FIDDLE AND LOOK INTO THE FACE OF ALL AND CONTEST AND DEFEAT


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