Jonathan Blames Saboteurs For Inability Of Govt To Win War Against Boko Haram Insurgency


President Goodluck Jonathan, Friday, said the federal government’s war against Boko Haram has been undermined by saboteurs.

“One of our greatest challenges and I have to thank you for observing that one-minute of silence in their honour, is this security challenge,” Jonathan told a delegation of Nollywood stars under the aegis of “Creative Professionals”, that visited him at the Presidential Villa.

He however said that the government was “working very hard. We have our frustrations, we have issues of sabotage: internal and external but we are working very hard and by the grace of God, we will overcome.”

The president also note that there was need to beef up Nigeria’s infrastructure to meet the needs of the nation and its citizens.

He therefore promised to do more, while urging the actors led by Segun Arinze to call some politicians noted for generating negative issues to tone down their tirades in the interest of the nation.


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