Jonathan Is Very Sad And It’s Because Of Nigeria’s Health Sector


President Goodluck Jonathan has several things that make him sad, but the condition of the country’s health sector, which has been riddled with frequent industrial action is near the top of the list.

He received the report of the Presidential Committee of Experts on Inter-Professional Relationship in the Public Health Sector, and vowed to act on its recommendations to end “unhealthy rivalries” among healthcare professionals.

“I had to set up the committee because I am very sad, and I know most Nigerians feel very sad that strikes and unhealthy rivalries among professionals in the health sector have adversely affected medical services,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan, while receiving the report from the chairman of the committee and former Head of Service, Alhaji Mahmud Yayale Ahmed, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, said that the Federal Government would review the report immediately. A white paper will then be issued on it and the implementation of its accepted recommendations early next year.

Jonathan expressed optimism that the implementation of the committee’s accepted recommendations would signal an end to unhealthy rivalries and incessant strikes in the public health sector.

Yayale Ahmed earlier told the president that the committee identified 50 areas of conflict after receiving memoranda and interacting with about 40 professional bodies in the public health sector and members of the public.

According to him, the areas of conflict identified include organisational, management, leadership and team work, remuneration and motivation, career management, capacity building, professional practice, labour, legal and governance issues.


  1. This man is such an incredible actor. Where have you been for the past 6 years that you are just realising that the health sector is in a mess? patience travelled and stayed in Germany for many months when she was ill and mr president also went for several health checks abroad. So his come you are just realising how bad the health sector is? Sir, your time is up. you have one your best.

  2. It so saddens my heart when ever I see our dear president in a worrisomestate. The unhealthy state of our nation before he assumed office


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