Kate Henshaw Maintains Consistency On Sharing Her Daily Work-out Session videos


What’s a better way to get your mind off a painful defeat in a political election?? I believe Kate Henshaw has an answer for us.

The veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw is known for her consistent exercise routines and we know she even has a workout video!

Kate Henshaw inspired her fans more as she got geared up and hit the gym.

She captioned one of her videos ‘Tighten up that tummy…tone your arms too while at it….(10kg bar pulldown) No excuse cos its Christmas.. Do something before something do you….’



  1. There is no doubt that she truly inspires her fans and young people by getting involved in sporting activities which is good for her physical and mental health instead of getting involved in negative activities such as heavy smoking and drinking and getting violent and vengeful. This is the kind of attitude we desire in this nation. The defeat is a setback which is a set up for a big come back in 4 year’s time. She is paying her dues in Politics. She will get to that desired position if she just hangs in there.


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