Kefee’s Husband On Her Death: “I Can’t Stop Thinking About Kefee, I’ve Lost A Lot Of Weight”


Bearing the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things to handle, talk more of losing a wife.

That’s the situation Teddy Momoh finds himself.

Tedd has opened up to admit that he is finding it hard to bear the loss of his beloved wife, Kefee; seven months after her death.

Read what he told Ecominium: –

“It has not been easy for me. It’s been by the special grace of God and His grace has been sufficient for me..I miss everything that she epitomized, her smiles, the way she lightened up the environment and everyone around her, her food and so many other things. I have lost a lot of weight since she passed away because there is no one to cook or call to find out what I would like to eat.

She went the extra mile of cooking breakfast, she packs what I would have for lunch in the office. She would still give me a call to remind me that I have to eat lunch. She turned me from ‘eating out’ to ‘eating at home’ and I find it difficult to eat out now. I miss that love, the union and her brainstorming. I just miss everything she stood for.We had a lot of fun memories together and I would not want to share them with the world. It is very personal and I miss those memories.

On Loving again

“This is another personal question I don’t have answer to, but I know I am still young.”