Kim K, Oprah, Rihanna And Tons Of Celebs Lose Millions Of Followers After Instagram’s Latest Purge


I must admit that I was laughing my head out when I heard about the Instagram purge, I knew the after-effect would last long in our minds.

Some of you might have gotten a message lately from Instagram, saying they were going to conduct a fix on your page to remove spam followers and shrugged; but for some celebs like Kim Kardashian-West, Rihanna, Katy Perry and even Oprah, this can be very damaging to their rep.

Following Instagram’s latest purge, stars lost a huge amount of followers suggesting that they may not be as popular as we think.

Many celebs have their social media accounts handled by a team of experts who usually buy followers for as low as $30 for 2,500 followers. And on Thursday accounts like Kim K lost 1.3 million followers, Rihanna lost about 1.2 million, Katy Perry lost 300,000 and Oprah said goodbye to 100,000 followers.

According to Michael Heller, CEO of Talent Resources via PageSix- “It’s bad for a celeb for many reasons“. “It’s embarrassing,” “they also could lose lots of money“.

We wonder how many followers would go if they did a Twitter purge next.

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