Kukah Spends Christmas With Prison Inmates, Urges Attitudinal Change

hassan_kukahThe Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Mathew Kukah, on Thursday advised inmates of Sokoto prisons to move closer to God.

Speaking when he visited the prisons as part of activities to mark this year’s Christmas, Kukah said it was necessary as God never failed His servants.

He stated that the Catholic Diocese had for over three years celebrated with the prisoners at Christmas as a way of extending the joy of the season to them.

“It is a season of joy and celebration; so, we have come here to celebrate with you because we are all one, Muslims and Christians alike.

“I am not here to find out what reasons you all have for finding yourselves here but to advise you to take life more seriously and start making plans for your future outside of this prison”, he said.

He added that some of the young inmates were supposed to be in school while the older ones were supposed to be working to take care of their families.

He told them that they, therefore, needed to make efforts, while in prison, to be better and change their ways so that they would have a better future.

Kukah said, “An idle mind is the devils workshop; so, you need to think of what you want to do and start working towards it so that when you are out of here, you will have a source of livelihood.

“Last year, I saw about 600 inmates; now, the number has increased to over 700. No matter how comfortable you are here, this place is not a place for you to be.

“Your mates are out there trying to make it for themselves and you are in here. Some of you are here for the second or third time, which shows how unserious you are.

“I pray that God blesses you and hopefully, some of you will celebrate next Christmas with your family and friends”.

Kukah, who was accompanied by Fr. Victor Mordi, the Coordinator, Justice Development and Peace Caritas, and Rev. sisters of Daughters of Divine Love Convent, later distributed food to more than 740 inmates. (NAN)


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