Maheeda – “If U Can’t F*ck Well, Keep Your Love Pls”


She is known nationwide for her sexual antics and vulgar comments, we don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

The controversial singer who constantly thrills her fans on Instagram with her nude photos has been asking a number of sex-related questions and getting feedback from her followers.

She asked, ‘Have you ever had sex and you can’t wait for it to be over? How did it go? What did she or he did wrong? Educate me so it won’t happen with us’

…and then asked, ‘How important is sex in a relationship? As important as love? For me if u can’t fuck we’ll keep your love pls what do u think?

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  • what do you benefit from sex I remember last time davido was your choice and now you need a high bride super sexed what kind of person are you??????

  • Notin is 2 much bad in watz d pretty lady ask for just ur comment not abusing her for wat she creative in doing watz she like any way to me sex is very vital and very componsry in every reltaionship sex is just like a grease or oil of love datz make it growing and fuctioning no man can resist sex unlex u re impotent or disfuctioning… is life and watz I feels atimes like not getting stoping banging her is if she is driving me crazy as am giving it 2 her hotter… be sincere I can fuck her still when are pussy got hot like frying pan….sex is life……..

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