Military Arrests Boko Haram’s Cameramen

boko_haramThe Nigerian military recorded another victory in the campaign against terrorism as it arrested a photographer that specializes in taking pictures and making videos of Boko Haram attacks on communities in the North-East.

The terrorist photographer, alongside other terrorists, were arrested in a community in Adamawa state during a patrol, surveillance and raid operations to track fleeing terrorists in Adamawa environs.

The Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, said Monday that four of the terrorists, who tried to escape in an SUV with a digital camera and weapons, have been taken into custody.

As the Nigerian troops continue to sustain their offensive against terrorists in North-Eastern Nigeria, more arrests are being made with the insurgents suffering heavy casualties, officials said.

Maj-Gen. Olukolade said the arrested terrorists are assisting the authorities in ongoing investigations in one of the military barracks in the country.


  1. Well done, Nigerian Military! We are supporting you with our prayers daily for you to totally eliminate Boko Haram and avenge the thousands of Nigerians that includes children that have been murdered in cold blood. Those Boko Haram insurgents that have been captured should be killed since they have equally killed so many. He that kills must be killed! The death of the insurgents and their collaborators will sanitize/cleanse the land and calm the nerves of the Almighty God.


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