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breakup_6There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. In fact, it’s impossible NOT to feel fear at one time or another. If you’re devoted to a healthier life, you’ll deal with feelings of fear when making new changes. Expect fear to show up in different disguises.

If you’re not growing, you won’t feel fear. Staying in your comfort zone, as comfy as it may be, will keep you from your desired body and ideal life. At the same time, when you step out of the known and into a new regime, fear will surface. It’s the place where the old version of you (and your old beliefs) are now faced with the new, exciting you. It’s a weird place to be and if you’re not careful, the “old” you will convince you this new feeling is bad. You’ll then find opportunities to sabotage your new lifestyle to go back to what’s familiar.

To combat your old beliefs, be sure you have new ones pulling you into a brighter, healthier future. You see, when you’re creating a vibrant, fit body, you’re doing more than just changing your physique. You’re shedding negative stories, beliefs, patterns and fears as well as excess weight. Focus on your desired healthy lifestyle and tell yourself new stories every morning and night (ie. “I AM healthy, strong and beautiful! I deserve to feel motivated and confident!”).

Fear can show up in many forms, including stress, anxiety and anger. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. See fear for what it is and call it out. Give voice to it and ask yourself what’s behind the fear. Is it telling you something important, something to focus on? Or, is your fear stemming from a new plan you’re working and the anxiety you have around getting results?

In any case, there’s one thing you can do when you’re in fear and that’s to TAKE ACTION. The moment you do something about your situation is the moment you’ll feel your fear dissipate. Your action depends on what the fear is all about, what it’s telling you. If it’s reminding you to watch a video before doing a specific exercise, then follow through and do it. If the fear is more of a worry that others are put off by your results (re: family members), the action you can take is to create a “statement” for when they give you feedback. “Thanks for noticing my weight loss, Aunt Jo. Yes, I am eating properly and I’m happy with my results.” Then, your next action could be to ignore her and anyone else!

When you’re feeling fear, listen. Find out what it’s telling you, then take action. If the fear is more about an old story or belief, deliberately speak aloud your NEW story. Get good at recognizing fear, even when it’s in disguise as another emotion. Don’t give too much energy to it, and instead use it to your benefit. Always take action and move yourself from fear to ferociously powerful.

Action Step: Listen to your fear and take action. Don’t avoid it!


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