Nigerians Celebrating Christmas In Poverty, Savage Assault – Buhari

Buhari-OsinbajoThe presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has regretted the fact that majority of Nigerians will be celebrating today’s Christmas in abject poverty and misery.

According to the APC presidential flag bearer, Nigerians are living under this poor condition, “not because they have committed any grievous sin, but because the system of production and distribution of national resources have been rigged against the vast majority of our people”.

Buhari, who made this observation in his Christmas message to the nation yesterday, wondered why “in a nation where a few individuals could raise N21billion because they want to make their friend president, millions of citizens, who truly own the resources being accumulated by a few, are left to suffer in sorrow, tears and blood”.

He also bemoaned the fact the Christmas celebration was taking place at a time when Nigeria was experiencing serious security challenges.

He, however, promised that the 2015 Christmas celebration will be better for Nigerians.

“We promise that, by Christmas 2015 administration would have brought our efficiency in management and allocation of public resources to make the inter-state roads smoother and easier to ride”, he said.


  • @ mr buhari, most of d problems u caused when u didnt win & promised d governmt to make it ungovernable in 2011, now u are promising PARALELL GOVERNMENT if u didnt win in 2015 wh makes it a do or die affair. I pity nigerians bcos of ur hidden agendas. AS FOR ME & MY FAMILY I WILL VOTE FOR THE PRINCE OF PEACE!

  • What do you care about how we spend our Christmas? When have you started showing care to the Christians you so hate and is bent on annihilating? Buhari, read my lips…I /we don’t trust you one bit. You promised to end Boko Haram if we elected you. What if you are not elected? Boko haram will continue abi? And the saddest thing is na pastors you dey carry as running mates…you think carrying a pastor as running mate will endear us to you. Sorry for you. You once uttered that no Muslim should vote for a Christian- now you are acting like you love us the Christians. Get ready for the biggest shocker of your life.

  • At last somebody is talking! Nigerians deserve better. Unfortunately, many Nigerians are use to suffering and smiling, and when somebody comes to rescue them from suffering, they allow stupid pride, blind loyalty, religion, tribalism, ignorance and pure stupidity to override logic and reasonableness! They would abuse, insult, curse their potential messiah! What a shame!

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