‘Obasanjo Is Already A Member Of The APC’


Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose has called for the immediate suspension of the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for allegedly indulging in anti-party activities. He also alleged that the former president is already a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking following the visit of five PDP governors to the former president at his Abeokuta country home on Thursday, Fayose said Obasanjo was working against the interest of the PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan, as it was evident that he is secretly working for the success of APC at the poll.

Fayose noted that Obasanjo’s relationship with the opposition lately, suggests he is already a member of the APC. Fayose also alleged that he was pushing for one of his loyalists to be the party’s Vice presidential candidate.

The governor therefore urged the PDP to stop condoning indiscipline, saying “nobody should be treated as being bigger than the party.”


“A man who has refused to respect the office of the President of Nigeria that he once occupied does not also deserve respect from anyone,” Fayose said.

“Have you ever heard a former president of the United States of America (USA) openly abusing a sitting president of the country?

“Does it mean that former USA president, Bill Clinton agreed with all the policies of George W. Bush and the incumbent president, Barack Obama?

“Obasanjo is behaving unpresidentially and he must be told to respect himself.”

Fayose further described the former president as “a man who can never be pleased. His principle of life is; if it is not his way, it must not be another person’s way.

“Even if President Jonathan gives Obasanjo his blood today, he (Obasanjo) cannot change because he is already neckdeep in the APC agenda, with his eyes on the vice presidential ticket of the party.

“Therefore, no amount of visits by PDP governors can make him change his mind about President Jonathan, whom he hates not because he has not performed, but because he (Jonathan) did not hand over his presidency to him,” Fayose said.


  1. A criminal and murderer who should never be involved at any level in a sane society, insulting an Elder statesman. Fatiar should be in jail and surely, He Will return to jail.

  2. Fayose, a word of advice for u. imagine a mortal like u, u knw notin. finaly wen d house resolve wit obj it ll be to ur detriment. of its tru u re d one sayin all dos, den u re not far frm a fool bcos u re too loud. omo o’ma lo terisi!


  3. Sincerely is an intruder is jeopardise d effort of PDP & worsen d case 4 Hiw Excellency GEJ. If not Nigeria settings is should be ‘n jail. He lack moral & I’m pity Ekiti people!!!

  4. Majority of you are talking because you did not know what Fayiose is saying those who know keep muted because of their bigotry .Are you aware that immediately a president leave office in America he stop meddle in that country affair .whatever mistake and error committed by the sitting does not concern any former that problem is between the sitting president and American citizen that voted him not any former.Have you not heard that president Obama return America army to Iraqi after withdrew them following his election promise.what did all former that America have say about that if it in Nigerian will happen with all billion spend without actually getting what they want .Sir give Mr Jonathan chance that is what Mr Fayiose is saying.

  5. Obasanjo is a liability, not only to his Egba and any party or soceity he belongs to but the entire country. I have always said it, he is the major problem in Nigeria and no amount of disgrace is enough for him. Other former heads of state in the country behave them selves. Since he has made his decision to unseat GEJ or pull down Nigeria, 2015 will be the end game for him. He does not own the country.

  6. A man who always wants people to download his own ideas all the time should be avoided for no man have the monopoly of knowledge. OBJ have proven by character and otherwise to be such man. People are talking of elder here but an elder should as well respect himself to be respected. OBJ have said unprintable things maliciously about Jonathan just because he refused to dance to his tones all the time but Jonathan being a well brought up child have not responded in such manner. One thing that people should know is that “one with GOD is majority”, no one can fight GOD in any situation he’s involved.

  7. You have said it well but the truth is that Baba OBJ is causing the whole problem here. Gen. Abdusalam, Gen. Babangida,Shehu ShAgAri, Gen. Gowon And others are all there being respected. OBJ isn’t tHe only Ex-PresideNt we have, why is hiS voice the loudest? Why did. APC absorb the baddesT boys of pdp? THat makes them THe same. Let’s just be. Careful with what we say..

  8. Governor Fayose have said it all,can you imagine for a former president of a country to come out openly and said he has links with terrorists if not that is working against the sitting president.Pdp should forget about mr Obasanjo and face their are business critically,when his time comes he will go and leave Nigeria in peace.

  9. Maybe some or all of u should point out any of what Obj said to GEJ that was not true.
    You guys knw what? You’re still in ur comfort zones…huh.
    I pray Bad thing shouldn’t happen to any of u.

  10. Fayose is making sense let’s come to think of it OBJ is not the only Ex~President in dis country why always him? OBJ is not a God, are u expecting all Nigerians to be following him dogmatically because he was Ex~President Yoruba adage says if u want to be Osaka be Osaka at the same time if u want to be Osoko be Osoko. But at dis Juncture OBJ is doing Osaka Sok why? @ Goroye mind u, absolutely Nothing will happen to Fayose in Jesus Name.

  11. American politics shld nt b compared wit nigeria coz if the case, fayose himselve made negative comments and accusation on d former gov f ekiti state. pls we need people that are brave nd bold to say the truth wen thr z any wrong doing

  12. PDP has killed Nigeria. It’s on the way to its own grave now. Let’s all help build a mighty concrete over its grave…Amen

  13. Faose, u really don’t have to talk more. People like Obasanjo will certainly be reduced and disgrace at the rite time. U cannot eat ur cake and have it. Nemesis definitely will catch up with him. Is not posible dat people will continue to dance to his tune all time. That is what GEJ has just realised and is trying to work which has made him to be Baba’s enemy. God will exposed and punish all the traitors of this country and dos behind Boko Haram. Time will tell


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