[OPINION] Why President Jonathan’s Continuity In Power After 2015 Could Spell Doom For Nigerians

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You don’t have to read this if you’re one of those #GEJtill2015 bigots or #BringbackJonathan campaigners because you won’t find the next few lines friendly. This column is neither meant to appease the proponents of Buhari, but it’s a school of thought meant to trigger open minds into cognitive and productive reasoning.



The last 6 years which represents President Jonathan’s tested leadership capacity has been buoyant for some and bad for the majority, with the first group of people majorly made up of sycophants and sentimental followers. People like Asari and Tompolo can’t have any reason at all to complain about Nigeria’s dreadful situation as they are major benefactors of this clueless Government. No offence, but I already stressed that this is not a friendly article.

Boko Haram Yes! Boko Haram. How can you not be expecting to see that name in any article that addresses the performance of Jonathan’s administration? It’s in fact now a household name that is stuck in the mouth of virtually every Nigerian citizen. It’s not like Nigerians are holding the President responsible for the loss of lives but we are not happy with him (till now) about his almost lackadaisical attitude in the fight with the insurgency, his porous leadership that accommodates impunity without shame and encourages corruption which is the bane behind every crime; even the most unspeakable evil deeds buoys down to the ineffectiveness of the Government in rendering justice. So Yes! Our President has failed Nigerians; not because of the Nyanya bombing but because he was seen dancing 24 hours after the barbaric event; not because more than 200 girls were kidnapped, but because it had to take 17 year-old Malala to incite some thoughtfulness in the President to see the Parents of the abducted ones. These gestures from Mr. President aren’t just uninspiring and unthinkable but inhuman. It only goes to show how desperate and blind our President is….he doesn’t really care how much lives are snuffed out every day, as long as he remains President………. till 2019 (in his mind).

For people in the southern part of Nigeria which some consider relatively safe and secure; free from terrorism, it is high time you stopped feeling you’re in a comfort zone; just like Asa said. ‘There is fire on the mountain and nobody seems to be on the run…’ Boko Haram animals are not like common street thugs or even the provincial force of the Niger Delta militants. You know why; these guys are not fighting for money and they can’t be appeased with some oil blocks. This is what our leaders have to admit and stop allowing themselves to get hoodwinked by fake Boko Haram negotiators. As you know, FG recently turned out to be the MAGA while trying to negotiate with supposed Boko Haram representatives. It is only an idiot that will think Boko Haram wants to negotiate. Like seriously?

So think of it, if Goodluck Jonathan is this passive now in the war with insurgency, what will happen during his 2nd term. By the time more terror springs up from all angles (It surely will and I’m not just referring to BH. The more the corruption in Government, the more the crime as time moves on), he simply wouldn’t care who and who dies. Do you really think GEJ will do anything different this time other than what we have all seen for the past 6 years? Think again!


  • Mr.man or whatever u call urself if u r 4 apc dats good but don’t come talking trash here cos we know what we want as ppl and yes we can av diverse views but be careful wit what u say when u r talking abt a President.boko haram wd be crushed and all their sponsors will be made 2 face d full wrath of the ppl and of d law.

  • mr Kingsley i tink u re a pDp member n tell me wen d BH wil be crush if dey find it difficult to crush dem in 6 yrs… i tink u also enjoyed d way BH ar kiling innocent pple in d north. well i believe is cos u re nt affected by BH terrorism or any body u knw ar affected too…. hw i wish u re in north or av somebody dat stat in north who experience dis barbaric act of dis sect u wil nt be talkin d way u re talking. we need a gud n active president dat wil silence BH n fight 4 nigerian n nt a mooron president.

  • why nigerians why, u give somebody that only know animal behaviours to govern human beings, the result we’re seeing now about insecurity is our hand work. I don’t know when Gej will be in control of BH or until we all perish

  • Simply put, GEJ has never be in control of his government. If his first term ends this way, what do you expect from his 2nd term? It will definitly be worse.

  • My question is 1. Where was boko haram when Gej was not in power?
    2. Why is boko haram only in the north even when al the past leaders where northeners?
    What does it mean to a reasonable nigerian when a northern leader said dat an atack on boko haram is an attack on northerners. Tel me who are northerners and who are boko harams?

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