Patience Jonathan replies Gen. Buhari on scrapping the office of the First Lady


General Buhari stated yesterday in an interview with Weekly Trust that if elected as president in next year’s presidential election, he would abolish the office of the First Lady. The office, though not constitutionally recognized, has been maintained by past and present administrations and is even seen as being key in policy decisions. He said that ministries, which are constitutional, should be allowed to play their roles instead.

“There is the Ministry of Women Affairs, and so on. I was raised by my mother, as I lost my father when I was under 6 yars, so I know what a woman can do if given the chance”.

In a subtle way of replying Buhari’s comments, First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan, emphasized the importance of the office of the First Lady in the Nigerian politics, saying that the office has been an avenue for mobilizing women for mass participation in politics.

She said this in Abia state during a reception organized for her by the Ohuhu community, her maternal home in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia state, yesterday.

She said the bid by politicians from the opposition camp to scrap the office of the First Lady would amount to sending the Nigerian women back to the kitchen if such came to fruition, adding,

“It is not our portion to go back to the kitchen. We have women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria”.

She also told the women not to vote for any politician who doesn’t respect women.
The First Lady had veered off from the address she was reading at the occasion when she directed the attention of guests to Buhari’s idea which she said was not practicable in the ongoing political dispensation because of the critical role women have been playing in politics.


  1. I am a woman but the office of the first lady is nothing but a waste of resources and distraction. A serious minded government will eradicate it. Scrapping it does not indicate disregard for women it only implies serious mindedness. The so called first ladies should stop lording themselves over us. They are mere distractions.

    • I guess so many of you women in Nigeria are just not exposed…How can somebody because of his mundane ideology scrapped the office of women in this modern world….that is an insult to growth and properity of womanhood….ln the west women are highly respected except in the lslamic world….Nigerian women should not allow that to happen

  2. Is unfortunate that our Hon. First lady doesn’t understand simple English. GMB has never for once in his statement say I don’t want nor like to see women in power no. The APC presdential aspirant says it is not constitutional. If u want to intervene just go ahead and mention the section in Nigerian constitution that warrant it. That’s all. He (GMB) also say He was brought out by his mum and know what women can do when put to the test of power. He went ahead and mention legal offices like women affair ministry. Please don’t mix up issues here. U are operating an ilegal office how on earth will u stop corruption.

  3. First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan is confused, she is scared, her time is up in the illegal office she occupies, I think this set of people are what yorubas called {omo oju ori ola ri} this old illiterate woman should go back to her village to start farming,her are husband her not fit to rule nigeria,,,6yrs of bad leadership…see her bad english self, Disgrace to Nigeria…..Chail Chail dere’S God oooo lol

  4. APC, a party full of liars, hypocrites, decivers and mischievious bandwagons. Why didn’t Buhari scrap office of the first lady when he was a military head of states, and with all his belated WAI agenda? Is it now he’s waking up from his slumber? I pity those women who are supporting him, because they’re ignorant of what it means. All over the world, office of the first lady plays a very vital and advisory role for the development of the womenfolk in any country. Through it, women have a voice and can contribute to the development of the local council, state and nation. Scrapping it at the federal level, also means scrapping it at the states and local governments. Which invariably means shutting out the womenfolk entirely, and stopping them from contributing meaningfully to the development of the nation. Buhari should rather think of how to upgrade that office and other better things to do.

  5. To me what GMB said is totally right first lady office as nothing to do with governing this jonathan time make it show very clear that the office iS useless and our president should pls try and send is wife bk to primary 2 so that she can learn cus are english and mental thinking is a disgrace to nigerians home and outside the country.

  6. Women can contribute ! Why didn’t u vote 4 the woman that contested last primary with your husband got only one vote. A ba mama THIEF!.Your husband is using your illegal office to transfer our money abroad. Nemesis will soon catch up with u, your husband and all bogus criminals surrounding you. Amin

  7. I have a problem with the way our so-called champions of politics are going about the whole thing. Must we get unnecessarily melodramatic? Buhari was dumb in raising that issue now. Why not wait until you become president? So stupid. Patience was dumber to have reacted with such immediacy. So stupid too. I am one of those who have no regard for the office debated. I have a copy of the Nigerian Constitution as I hope they all do. Our funds are being stolen from everywhere/avenue, but sometimes, we should allow the element of surprise. If Buhari had any oil in the crankshaft of his brain, he should have kept quiet for now, for in doing as he has just done or said, Patience and her loyalists now have reasons to talk and ill-inform the mass number of unschooled and unexposed women folk around; dragging them into her camp. They do not know the difference and can be deceived easily. For many reasons – for the sake of those of us who can trace the lines between sanity and good conscience on the one hand, and the offensive stench that gushes out of the greatest vaults of iranshiness, these people should learn to politick with decorum (for themselves, if they could) and respect for us. Stop being political babies; some of us are not moved, one bit. You all should be ashamed of trying to, or already taking advantage of us!

  8. It is a pity. The man did not say he will send the women to the kitchen or marginalize women. He is talking about the constitutional provision for the office. When you act outside the provisions of the constitution you swore to uphold, what is that called in a sane society?It only shows the degree of executive recklessness and abuse of office.

  9. Hummmmm I don’t know the problem of this so call mama peace and she call her self mama peace. GMB said is not constitutional that all e said so why are you interpreting what you don’t understand madam first lady and Mr Buari lean from this Yoruba proveb which says Oruko Tamaso Omo eni Enu eni lo ngbe means the name you are going to name your new born baby is in you


  11. The office of the First Lady is illegal since it is unconstitutional it remains an aberation, it was an office created for no good reason but corrupt tendencies, the women of Nigeria are well respected and represented, why is there no ministry of men affairs? Scrapping that office makes the president concentrate on serving the nation without distractions. Imagine that our First Lady was a permanent secretary in Bayelsa while still running the office of the First Lady, that in its self is unacceptable and a fraud, it was just this year that she resigned that appointment when she realised it was wrong and I know she has never sat in that office even for one hour and kept wondering how that office was run. By the grace of God we shall rescue our beloved Nigeria from the hands of these fraudulent leaders and our country will be great again. Buhari has a wife and he loves his wife but he cannot use her as a conduit of corruption just to please her and compromise his integrity. Believe me if that office was constitutionally created he will let and support his wife to run the office with her intefrity intact. If care is not taken very soon you will hear the office of the First children.

  12. Princewill ur just saying what u don’t know cos I doubt if u have been born when buhari was head of states. Some of u dat r commenting base on selfish interest be wiser. Anybody in his right senses will knw dat what buhari is saying is right.

  13. Godwin is a very Big Fool! U lack common sense I guess is not even common in the first place! Can u hear the stench u are oozing from ur pit-laterine mouth?! GMB only said its unconstitutional he didn’t say he won’t let women play their role. Retarded Imbecile!!!

  14. Princewill Ejim, or whatever you call yourself. I have observed with dismay, that you barely comprehend anytime GMB speaks on any sensitive National issue. Tell me where the section of the constitution, made provision for the ‘Office of the First Lady’. Also, who told you that when GMB was Head of State, he allows any member of his family to even get near his Government. Kindly go read more, about GMB’s military regime, please.

  15. @Godwin, I wonder if u understand this report? Buhari never mention office of women, he said office off the first lady because it is unconstitutional. On Islam not recognizing the right of woman, you can google it to know the religion that gives more right n respect women most.

  16. When we express or agitate on issues like this we should put into consideration of what is at stake…GMB Is not yet elected why can’t h just let things stick with him as a Man..? P as we all know jump into issues that she has NO knowledge of, and you all agitate and insult ur selves over her issues at the same time you call ha an illiterate. If an illiterate can make u insult your fellow Educated man then tell me who is more Educated? This Is irrelevant issues and should not be discus by u so called learned men…as Buhari is not yet elected P is an ignorant, you the people are not better than P as you all are in same category. ?.

  17. is that one of this things bothering you, since you do not have capable wife, go and ask babagida to tell you why the office was created. to me the essence of the office can’t be overemphasized, imagine the whole lot of responsibility on a governor for example, I do not see anything wrong in detaching woman matters to his wife, definitely it will re if him. Make it wife have a sense of belonging in the new office of her husband knowing they are a team. so much to say a big jare. concentrate on fuel, electricity, minimum wage matter, I can actually see you looking for the first ladies trouble

  18. When the constitution was drafted the position of the first Lady was not considered ,the fact remains that it unconstitutional but it can be made constitutional the women should work towards that , this office came into place during IBB when the wife of blessed memory set it up and had a program called Better life for rural women ,there are a lot of women that has benefited from this office , if we look at all moslem country there is no such office because the religion dose not give room for women are relegated to the background which is not good, imagine a woman can not drive a car , can not wash football with men a barbaric religion , probably Buhari want to take us back to stone age well l know he will lose the election.

  19. Speakout… Buhari’s wife is not capable? How? Aisha Buhari is a france-trained graguate and a professional cosmetologist. She went to ABU Zaria and Carlton Institute of London and the ACADEMY Esthetique Beauty Institute of FRANCE.

  20. Wen has Mama thief turn to govt parrot,d office of first lady is nothing but a mere an avenue to steal our money. U remember d impact of first lady office during last bayelsa state governorship election,d emergency of thief wike and d ongoing clash btw present bayelsa state govt and d mama thief. Mama war u r nothing bt a disgrace to nigerian women. GMB on a resque mission,haters pls go and die. Enough of deceptive and shoeless man story,nigerian masses wou re-write history come 2015

  21. This woman needs to be told some hard truths. If not for the windows of opportunity open the husband what has she achieved in life to make her a spokesperson for the womenfolk. Nigeria has a large pool of great women who are what they today not by political opportunism but by diligence and perseverance attained greatness. The office of First Lady is illegal and it remains so until otherwise stated in our laws.

  22. Godwin Edward,Oman and those that r mentioning islam or bringing religion into this r fools, empty headed and stupid persons. pls what does islam has to do with first lady office,rtd gen babangida that created d office is he not a muslim. i dnt blame u guys na ilietracy they wory una, blocked head persons

  23. My thought when the social media first came out was that very civilized individuals were going to share ideas and argue with maturity, all geared toward learning something or the other. It is unfortunate that people who do not know themselves would take up verbal arms and rain insults so freely. I would that we talk to ourselves respectfully. Too much of abusive words already. As I said earlier, both the original comment and the reaction that followed it were either ill-advised or ill-timed. Decorum should be our watchword especially knowing that nothing we say here can make such a difference between now and February 2015. God bless you all.

  24. Igwe Gabe,thank you for your wisdom. I think most people here are just arguing pointedly and without basis. As always,there are the muslim/christian fighters; the male/female camp members. Let us comment objectively. The issue is whether the office of the first lady is constitutional or not, not whether Gen. Buhari loves women or not. The truth is that we are not in his mind so we dont know. And as for those asking the first lady to go back to school, please read through your comments. Your grammatical and typographical errors are horrible! No insults intended

  25. My dear first lady of the federal republic of Nigeria please what is your efforts in finding the c hibok girs? What is your Comment about stellar Oduah? What is your comment about non remmitance of huge amount from NNPC to CBN? What have you done to stop baby’s factory? Why your concerns always on women politics? Above all how much is given to your office every month as over head cost? If your administraton is transparent, accountability and honest please post it out in detail.