Phyno – “Olamide Inspires Me And I Inspire Him”


They are both the hottest indigenous rappers in the country at the moment and they have a great rapport with each other.

Phyno and Olamide have produced hit tracks together, toured the country, won several awards and still have a lot of respect for themselves.

Phyno told HipHopWorld that he’s inspired by Olamide Baddo because he has raised the bar and set the standard.

‘Ola is a very hardworking dude, one of the most hardworking artistes in Nigeria, putting out 3 albums in 3 years! Men, no be beans, I’m not sure any artiste has done that in Nigeria. and anytime we step into the studio together, he inspires me and I inspire him and any track we jump on, we must surely kill it”

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