Schoolgirl forced to sleep with long-lost father after tracking him down on Facebook


A schoolgirl was repeatedly forced to have sex with her long-lost father after tracking him down on Facebook.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how the unnamed 13-year-old met her father, 41, after discovering he was living in South Yorkshire through friends and postings on the social media site, and was eventually invited to live with him.

But the happy reunion quickly became a nightmare for the teenager, who was forced to have sex with her long-lost father ‘on a regular basis’ over a six-month period, the court heard.

‘She did not resist because he was her dad. She said: “I had only just met him so I went along with it’”,’ said prosecutor Timothy Capstick,

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She said she felt like hitting out but couldn’t as he was her father. It happened again over a six-month period. He would have sex with her on a regular basis, every other day.’

Mr Capstick said the girl, who is now 18, was plied with alcohol before being forced into sex.

The abuse only came to light when the teenager told her social worker, who went to the police last year, the court heard.

The man, who had a drink problem and was suffering from depression, was jailed for six years.

‘Over a period of six months you grossly abused your position of trust. She was 13 and you were 41 and you took advantage of her,’ said judge Simon Lawler.

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