SCOAN Building Collapse Caused By ‘Infrasonic Weapon’?!

Biedomo Iguniwei, an expert in explosives and weapons, told coroner court that the collapsed building of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was caused by a high energy infrasonic weapon.


Biedomo Igunuwei, after conducting autonomous investigation into the incident, said that the “plane-like object” that flew over the church on September 12 fired an “infrasonic weapon” – a low sound radiation used as a weapon to cause structural damage and destruction to objects – that caused the building to crush.

Having analysed the video evidence and interviewing the survivors of the collapsed building and observing the site of the collapsed, I came to the conclusion that the building collapsed as a result of infrasonic weapon probably fired from a flying object or a stationary location on the ground,” said Igunuwei, who called himself as an expert in weapons and explosives research.

This infrasonic weapon employs its vibrational characteristics to induce a high intensity destructive resonance in the building leading to a near perfect vertical crumbling collapse,” he concluded.

The witness also said that the “flying object” (he insisted it could not be conclusively called an aircraft) flew over the building repetitively to guarantee it fired the required dose of the infrasonic weapon to bring down the building.

An infrasonic weapon can be fired or deployed from any flying object, or from a location close within a distance of between 100 metres and 1,000 metres away from the intended target,” Igunuwei said.

The 37-year-old expert admitted that he only possessed a first degree – a Bachelor’s certificate in Chemistry from the University of Maiduguri – but added that he worked for six years at the Defence Industries Corporation in Kaduna.

Igunuwei also said he had never seen an infrasonic weapon, had never used it, had no military training on its use, and had arrived at his conclusion by watching the video evidence and visiting the site of the incident.

Several reasons had been offered to have caused the collapse of the six-storey building which was undergoing construction before the incident.

While the founder of the SCOAN TB Joshua accused the “mysterious aircraft” and “terrorists” for the building’s collapse, the Lagos State government said the church flouted its building regulations by putting additional three floors on the building without endorsement.

The 2014 Synagogue Church Building Collapse took place on September 12th, killing more than 100 people, when a guest house, located within the Synagogue church premises around Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos State. collapsed completely to the ground.

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