Secrets To Keep Your Marriage Strong Forever – Experts

1) Adam met Eve through a common friend.
2) Eve thought Adam was the most adorable friend she ever had.

3) Adam and Eve met through a matrimonial website.
4) Adam and Eve worked in same company and hated the same boss.
Well, no matter how every Adam and Eve meet, but their story never ends at marriage, unlike those in the fairytales or the movies. In real world, the actual story begins with the marriage.
While few early years in most of the marriages might feel like a fairytale, the rest might not be the same for all couples. Once the honeymoon phase begins to fade away, you get to see the ‘other side’ of your partner. And it all comes to your notice when:
Life is not only all about sharing a coffee, but sharing the dinner every night;Adam is no more just appreciative of Eve’s gorgeous dresses, but also keeps check on the price tags;
Eve no longer finds Adam’s possessive behaviour charming. It rather irritates her whenever he tries to keep a check on her;Honeymoon is over and life gets to dirty dishes, laundry, home loan, car service, to name a few.

But wait, and relax! It has nothing to do with the fault in our stars. It is how our world is and this is how the marriages are. The two are so different, yet they cannot live without each other. So, even if the usual habits of ‘XX’ and ‘XY’ chromosomes tend to bring any problems in the relationship- a little sugar, a little spice, kiss-of-love, and pinch of empathy are your tools to fix it all.
Hence, for all those who feel connected to all these situations, here are some tips on how you can share a genuinely strong bond of love with your partner forever, despite the behavioural differences created by the ‘male’ and ‘female’ genes.

#1. ‘Me-time’ and ‘Let Me Be’
Undoubtedly, you are close to your partner, but you need to free yourself at times and let the other one loosen up too. Be it meeting up their old friends or just pursuing a hobby, giving sustainable breathing space to each other helps the relationship to live longer.

So, just stop nagging, pin-pointing, and showering infinite loop of suggestions. This way, you would be respecting the relationship in true sense, and would get the same in return from your partner.
This is actually a very effective method of keeping the love alive in a relationship.

#2. Divide and conquer
He can’t do it all and she can’t do it all; but together they can build a castle. Being aware of one’s duties in the household and completing them without any reminders can actually do wonders.

Dividing responsibilities and taking charge of different department(s) of the house, plays an instrumental role in striking harmony. It takes two to tango, so isn’t it better if both are dancing to hit the perfect chord?

#3. Right decision at right times
Couples take impulsive decisions at times, like the wife abandoning her job post-marriage, or husband choosing to tie the knot though inclined to go for higher studies. And, most suicidal of all- starting a family when not prepared for it.

Any wrongly calculated decisions can have negative butterfly-effect on the happiness of your married life. So be sure of your decisions, weigh all options, talk to experts if need be, and try not to impose your decision on your partner. And once taken, own up to your decision. No blame-gaming!

#4. Remain Romantic
Adding romance to your diet is not just healthy for your relationship, but also for your body, mind and soul. Feeling young at heart and staying connected with your partner are good enough reasons for the love to be around always.
So all you men, call in sick occasionally at office and take her on a surprise date. And ladies, surprise him at times when he comes home tired in the evening, with a romantic candle-light dinner at home followed by a wild time in bed. And needless to say, the rewards will follow naturally.

#5. Realistic Expectation
Now that is the mantra of a successful marriage. Be reasonable, realistic and rational with your expectations towards your spouse. Do not kill yourself and other one just because your best friend’s or sibling’s spouse does something special for their spouse.

No one is perfect yet everyone is, in their own way. So, value what you have and avoid comparing your apples to someone else’s oranges.

So, the gap between the men and the women is not actually as big as it is perceived to be. Try all that you can, such as selective hearing, giving benefit of doubt or even turning a blind-eye occasionally. And, just make the most of your relationship as well as life. Every little effort made to abridge this gap will fill your married life with love and happiness.



  1. I love this post!! The beginning was pretty funny!! I also think that marriages that last forever are ones that are centered on God. When you put God first then everything else falls in line. When you have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your life along with all the other things you have mentioned and talked about than it could last forever!!

    Thank you for your post!