Shocking Revelation On 9ice & Toni Payne’s Marriage Scandal Over Infidelity





WOW! This is some really heavy revelation being spilled by a friend of Toni Payne. Toni Payne has been labelled all sorts of names since she and her ex-husband 9ice had issues with their marriage and she has kept silent all this while but decided to spill it all when she got to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore. And its been 5 years since the whole incident.

Toni Payne shared a really emotion filled post via her instagram page and a friend of hers spilled it all in the comments, speaking about Toni Payne’s ordeal in the hands of 9ice and his family members. Check on it below;







\ Toni Payne’s Post…. which brought about her friend spilling it all






  1. I’m shock to read the above story, after taking my time to read it, I felt for her and her baby. If the source of the story is true and real then sorry for passing through hell. I don’t know the right name to call 9ice as many name comes to my head same time.

    I advise and courage ladies to always pray for good man !

  2. Toni just watch as nemesis catches up with him. He can’t get away with such act as long as the creator of the universe is still on the throne.


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