Tell Nigerians Why They Are Yet To Enjoy Stable Power Despite Your Promises, Buhari To Jonathan


The flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2015 presidential election, General Mohammadu Buhari has challenged President Goodluck Jonathan to explain to Nigerians why they are yet to enjoy stable power supply, despite his promises to transform the power sector.

In a statement issued by Buhari Support Organisations (BSO), the umbrella body of all support groups for the Presidential candidate of the APC, Buhari noted that President Jonathan, had before the last election promised that if Nigerians voted him, he would ensure the issue of unstable power supply was addressed once and for all.

“Four years is enough for anyone in power to make significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything, even if I am there for another four years,” the statement signed by Dr Chidia Maduekwe said.

“The ordinary Nigerian on the street knows that he or she is not better off today with stable electricity as against four years ago when Jonathan mounted the saddle.

“Most people will admit that they had better stable supply of electricity four years ago.The Jonathan-led administration had projected that 10,000MW should be generated before now. While the CPC manifesto promised Nigerians 15,000MW if Buhari was voted into power in 2011.

“On per capita consumption basis, Nigeria is ranked 178th position with consumption of 106.21KWh per person, this is well behind Gabon with 900,000 population consuming 283.6 KWh; Cameroon 176.0KWh and Kenya 128.68KWh,” the statement read.

The group described the current state of power in Nigeria as very shameful, as countries with smaller populations even boasts of better generating capacities.

“General Muhammadu Buhari and indeed the Nigeria public is right to question why we are still in this epileptic mess of electricity supply after sinking well over $20 billion into the power sector over the period in question. The corruption-infested administration of Jonathan makes right thinking Nigerians to bury their heads in shame when compared to South Africa of just 50 million people and has an estimated supply of over 50,000 MW.”



  1. Dear General,

    Why do you lack objective reasoning. Why go for cheap propaganda. Why not tell the masses what you are now capable of offering to Nigerians which you failed to do while you were in government. Also tell us the reason why you refused or failed to do it for Nigerians, including Power issues.

    The problem of power has been their while you were the Head of State when you had all the powers to give to Nigerians.

    I am of the opinion that neither GEJ nor PDP is your or APC problem.
    Your (you and fellow APC) problem is your lack of understanding of what politics is all about and your inability to plan a formidable MANIFESTO and strategy of convincing the electorate to vote for you. Constantly attacking the elected President of Nigeria is an insult to the Nigerian populace and a show of irresponsibility on your side.

    I will advise that you re-trace your step and change your strategy from personal attack on the President to an objective approach to the realities of what is on ground. If there is anything you think the present administration is lacking in their character, let it be part of your manifesto to present to the people. But if your manifesto is perpetual attack on the President of Nigeria, then you have nothing to offer and should please back out of politics in other not to waste the time, energy and resources of Nigerians and Nigeria in general.

    sometimes your statements are deceitful. You told us that you have less than 1 million Naira in your account after buying APC form for N5.5m. While APC nomination form sold for N27M. General, why nau. There are certain lies you do not tell the blind. You can tell the blind that there is no oil in the soup but can’t tell him that there is no salt in the soup. Even though we can’t access your account, it will be folly on our part to accept that crystal lies of the balance on your account.

    I rest my case here until I hear you voice again.

    Best Regards and Goodluck.

    • Pls be reasonable. Don’t just post message for posting sake. Well, you may be part of those few that are paid to post nonsense here.better use you subscription for Facebook and stop this press release.
      Can you please tell use how many people we had in this country when GMB ruled? Or Didn’t you laugh at him for having to raise funds
      for a presidential ticket and even his campaign process? Better Thank God that am not in the mood to type this morning.Could have given you what you asked for in Fun.God bless Nigeria


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